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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why the carbon brushes are used heat created rotating parts in eiectricity

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What is the technical difference between IS:1554 and Indian Railway IRS:S63/2007

Indian Railways,


This is about the recent problem that we have faced in our project site. We have 6/7.5 MVA. 66/11kV three phase star - star power transformer. The neutral was solidly connected to the earthing mat. But because of high resistance of earthing mat (130 ohm on LV and 180 ohm on HV), one day LV side neutral earthing conductor melted and we had a huge damage. Can any one plz tell me what might happen when we connect power transformer neutral to the earthing mat which has high resistance (>100 ohm ) ?????

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why we are connecting the alternator to a steam turbine of higher RPM then the rated RPM of alternator? For example:( connecting 1500 rpm alternator to 7600 rpm steam turbine). we can directly connect the same rpm turbine to alternator know??? is there any special reason ???

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what is the meaning write of AC1,AC2,AC3 .....power contactor


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why does in transformer the v/f ratio constant?


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Why are we not getting shock while touching a metal which is being welded?

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What is the basic principle of welding process?



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why the vfd motor take current high in vfd panel then mcc panel.current in vfd panel=160A in 93%.and mcc panel it shows 130A. (132kw motor)

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how to calculate the earthing conductor & no. of earth pits required

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how to calculate the lightning arrester conductor @ no of earth pits required


what is relation between motor poles & motor current in 3 phase motor

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how to calculate the earth fault current


whats relation b/w motor current & friqency

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Minimum IR value of 1.1 kv grade 3.5c (300, 240,185,150,120,95,70,50,35,25) sqmm Aluminium XLPE cable and 4c (16, 10,6 & 4) sqmm cu arm cable between RY,YB,BR,RN,YN,BN,RE,YE,BE & NE.


What happen when change order of CT in GIS feeder?


What is value of earth resistance required for substation and equipment earthing and what are the reference guidelines


-How do you select cable size for a given load at a given distance from source of supply. How do you find voltage drop.


what is the difference between electrical choke and electronic choke?


why capacitance effect is predominant in underground cable transmission and inductance effect is predominant in over head line transmission?


What is meant by celling voltage & current in excitor ?


What is the actual meaning of thermal power efficiency ?


how the works electronic energy meter?


why do we not use equivalent voltage source in negative sequence equivalent ckt.


What is instrumental error?


what is the necessity of under ground cables ??


working function importance of mdc meter


How will polarity test of Dy5 Transformer ?


in my industry we are using 3 step up transformers for induction heaters..i.e 415/580v and other are 11/ power consumption does a step trnsformer makes any difference compared to step up?? plz explain