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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what will happen if any motor runs long time with star connection in400vA.C. system

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What will be the effect of in HT XLPE 220 KV cable when one side of the Armour/cable ends are not grounded. Will there is difference between 3-phase voltages? like: if A. Both End of Cable grounded Phase Voltages:- V1=219 KV, v2=220 Kv, v3=220 KV. B. One End is grounded other is not: than Impact on Phase Voltages:- V1= KV, v2= Kv, v3= KV. Remain same or unchanged??


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What is meant by cold loop test in instrument



what is the diffference between 3 point and 4 point starter ?

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Baud rate is used to descrice...?

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why write 500v on line tester (Test pen)

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why in the three pin plug all 3 pins are cutted ?


For some transformers we are using solid neutral earthing while some others we are using resistance earthing why ?


If you touch at the end welding machine, will you have shock ?

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What is the purpose of stand by earth fault protection for transformer ?


what is the need to express current and voltage in rms value? rms value is also called as effective value,what is effective value?



what is power factor ? why is it so important?


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what is reactive power?


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Is 2000kva stabilizer suitable for 1h.p split air conditional

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what is the usage of microcontroller in the panel board?


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What is difference between mcb and mccb.


Define bibo stability.


what is your majour contributions in your present job


Why sometime AVR and sometime Booster coil is used in Alternator? what is the diferance between AVR & Booster coil due to which they are selected


Draw the circuit of clapp oscillator?


who can measure the size of power cable?


what are the sample questions asking to the test cunducting for electrical superwising lisence test?


In Transmission System if the potential difference at the two end of line are same then is the transmission of power will continue ? if yes then how.


what topics we have to concentrate for power grid et.written test.and tell what to read for english synonyms and antonyms.


Mention the disadvantages of low power factor? How can it be improved?


How to calculate impedance volt in Transformer?


I am getting above 60 V as open delta voltage against single phase unit ICT at tertiary delta formed and ICT getting trippped on NDR. ICT tested and found in order. PTs provided on tertiary are tested and in order. what may be the reason?


During Testing of Maintenance Free Earthing, How deep should be the Spikes of Earth Test Meter should be inserted in the soil(one spike is 15 Meter & Other spike is 30 Mtrs away from the Main Earth Electrode. Because, recently, we observed that when spike is inserted 3-4 Inch in the earth- results are better, If spike is inserted 1 feet deep than results are increasing.


How capacitor improves pf


i ha done my 10th with 71% ,ITI with 81% 11th with 75% 12th 43% apprentiship with 71% in SAT i secure 1390 ,TOEFL 27 i was refused four times and in all me interview visa officar told that i am not Qualify for study in USA but i completed my 12th yes i got low persentage in my 12th but i seen to much student they already got visa with them 3 or 4 backlocs so why they are refused me ?