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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the end effect of linear induction motor ??


How much current can 11KV line carry? What are the formulae used to calculate current across both side of transformer? Moreover I need to know can I connect 33KV line with transformer of 1600KVA? Details are: V=415, Pf= .9

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What are the functions of temperature scanner in power transformer?



What are the difference between off-load tap changer and on-load tap changer in transformer?


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What is Annunciation?



what are the functions of current transducer and voltage transducer?


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What percentage netural current is in netural depend upon the phase current

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in cable joints procedure what electrical problems have been solved out ?

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which bridge is used to measure frequency?

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what is the 2MVA distribution transformer efficiency

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i have to use generator in my project,which gen. i can use?

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which type your UPS on line,off line give the reason?

Roto Power,

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why transformer measures in kva

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What is the distance between the EHV lines and also the distance for earth ??

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what is carona and how is occur?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

What should be setting for alarm,tripping and cooling fan on for power transformer's oil temp. and winding temp. indicator?


State the formula for overall efficiency of thermal power station


How much load can be taken for chiller from 1500 kva transformer


I have a relay contact rated at 220v dc which is supplied with a 24vdc from the panel,for it to trip the dampers(24vdc).What if the application of the relay changes so that it should work at its rated 220vdc then will it work at 24vdc supply given or any other consideration needs to be taken .....


Starting Time of LT & HT Motor


What are the function of different components of servo motor?


Which is the oldest hydropower plant in india?


we can run 2phase as 3phase .what will be the differnce with respect to phase angle, power, current between the two modes


71ohm,111ohm,95ohm,179ohm in calculate the total ohm in series circuit


What is the significance of integral controller and derivative controller in a pid controller?


How much costly in percentage wise is sandwich busduct costly than air insulated busduct of any rating?


what is model question rrb junior engineer electrical gr.II


While testing a ZCT what parameters have to check or measure?


what are the accessories need to be added while doing estimation for the following: 1.MCCB 2.MCB 3.ACB


defination of controlled shunt reactor