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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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in alternator permanent magnet generator is also connected on the alternator shaft,then y that PMG voltage is very low as compared to alternator?

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Difference between transmission line and cable?when ever a large water channel has to crossed it is easier to use cable then transmission line why?

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why 2 phase is used in argc furnace? why 6 phase is used in converting machinery?

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what is tpmo switch

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What are the different auxiliary protections of a transformer?


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The neutral&earth voltage is 0v.But we were connected the lighting load at the time ballast was failed.why?

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Why transformer use to generator neutral earthing purpose ?

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There is two transformers of 2MVA & 3MVA, which transformer is located at the sending end & which is at receiving end. why?

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Which has more losses, AC or DC??

Infosys, TATA,

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What is plc and how to do preventive maintenance

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why +24 v and -48 v give to BTS? If -48v protect from surge then why we not use -24 v?


how the synchronizing is obtained at bus couplers in grid substation? (because there we cannot change the frequency in one of transmission lines like in generator synchronization)


why it is unable to birds to be on a 220kV 0r 132 kv lines like on 33kV and 11kV lines?

MSETCL Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd,

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what is dc mator?types of dc motor?losses in dc motor?what is the mechanical,electrical and commercial efficiency of a dc motor?


what is the difference between a hooter and a mcp

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What is effect on in zone and out zone fault if CT chosen for phase side is Vk/2<5mA and Neutral side is Vk/2<15mA on REF protection of Transformer


what is the operating time for LBB and how does the LBB relay realise whether cb is opened or not?


Why does the speed regulating system adopting I controller have no steady-state error? In this single closed-loop speed regulating system, when the input of the I controller Un=0, what is the output voltage of the regulator? What factors do the output voltage depend on?


send me all basic electrical question and answers


power transmission pole used one support , that only for support or earthing


Difference between RCCB, RCBO and ELMCB.


sir, iam a electrical engg graduate and i want to go in automation sector and for this i have decided to do industrial training for this,plz suggest me some good institute for the same in delhi,ncr. my degree percentage is 58%, can i get job after doing training, plz help....


can you any one give exact mathematical relation between AC current and DC current?


what is tower earthing and what for it is required


What is cross over distortion? How it can be eliminated?


How cmd is calculated in case of energy neters


Hi My dear all Friends, There is a question regarding HVAC Engineering and widely used in Power Projects. Question- What is the diffrence Between REF, SEF and Differential Protection....???? Where REF - Restricted Earth Fault SEF - Senstive Earth Fault.


I want to know how to calculate the size of electricity cable in building?


Which do you think is the most significant cause of energy loss in a factory?


pls tell us AC plant are how do work and parts name with picture