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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what about GD square and its important for motor design?

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why can tv operate at low voltage??

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transformer is working or not with supply of DC?

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why we measure output of transformer in kva?

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220/33kv voltage level having 60MVA rating , which transformer is preferred two winding or auto transformer. why, kindly provide your strong technical valuable views.

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In CT,which terminal(s1,s2) need to be grounded?

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what is meant by 3rd hormonics ?



Either It Possible a dc Motor to Run On Ac Drive [ Ex : ACS 800 , Yaskawa F7 ] If it is Possible How Pls Inform Me


what is meant by 3rd hormonics ?


What is meant by impedance? difference between high & low impedance ?


FLP zone Types and Details

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Where the ON LOAD TAP CHANGER is provided in the setp up transformer?

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difference b/w series¶llel


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can indirect loading be called as phantom loading?


what is mean by unity power factor?why are u calling Resistivity load also unity power factor?

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In hydel power plants, L.A's, S.C's are placed inside the control panel boards. what is the purpose? [already the total body was earthed to ground.]


For a three phase induction motor, what will be the effect on motor if the neutral of the system is shifted to say 20 deg.?


what is high - pot test. what's its use?????


With a phasor diagram show the effect of increasing the field current of a generator supplying a constant real power and connected to a grid system.


While converting delta into star or star into delta ,the three values of resistances remains unchanged .Find out the value?Let In star R1=x;r2=x;R3=x On converting into delta,R12=x;R23=x;R31=x Find the value of x


for 4 MVA , 33K.V/6.6K.V transformer. secondary side the connected load is 3000H.P. What is the rating of capacitor bank to be insttaled.


why capacitance effect is predominant in underground cable transmission and inductance effect is predominant in over head line transmission?


How to do bus bar short circuit calculation for 230KV/11kv, 60 MVA Substation?


How can i get my certificate of competency as an electrical supervisor? I have complicated my B.Tech from Uttarakhand technical university this year (2012).


How to use computer cpu ups use for home inverter circuit board


whether starting current is limited to rated current of motor through soft starting or it exceeds the rated current?


pls tell us AC plant are how do work and parts name with picture


how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING)IO (current operating)?


How to resolve if Diesel generator stop while running ?


where rlc series ckt used?