Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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will aqatic animal die if we ground the wire of three phase instead of grounding to earth

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what is diff b/w electrical & electronics ?

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what is the formula to convert from KVAr to current?

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What is auto reclose system in Circuit breakers

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1)Why V cross Arm is used in transmission lines? 2)Why H cross Arm are not used in single poles?

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hi i am aziz electrical associate engineer. i am faceing problem in acs800 vvvf drive.it is tripping wothout any alarm/fault.i cheaked all parameters and fault function of drive, all are correct as well as communication parameters.but still it is tripping (drive is tripping in running position not in starting)

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why we use DO Fuse in H.T. Line ? What is the purpose of DO Fuse

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What is the function of semicon in 33kv ht cable ?

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what is the correct method for the outdoor termination of 19/33 KV HT cable step by step?



in dc transmission the frequency pi is zero, then how it will transmit communication signal?

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time constant of RC series circuit?


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In PT the coil is wound on?


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galloping in transmission line is due to


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aeroline vibration is present


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What is the importance of counter based plan & how is it scheduled?



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What is PQA???Applications........


Difference between drift current and diffusion current?


What is Primary And Secondary Injection Test of Relay and Other Electrical Devices. How IT is carried out.


draw vector diagram and +ve,zero sequence diagram of symmetrical three phase fault.


i need about 10 years of GATE solved papers in pdf format and even mock tests toooo


the typical output of a solar cell is........


What the difference between three phase contactor (coil 110vac) & three phase SSR (control voltage 110Vac)? May I use contactor in place of SSR?


how we can calculate power factor in single phase & three phase ?thank u


can i connect the two phases of scott connected transformer,if not why?


where we use the SFU & FSU?


How to do maintenance of transformer feeder.


how to calculate percentage impedence at 75 deg C at normal tap


apti mainly on logical reasoning, verbal and non-verbal ability (70 percent) and remaining technical. I was in ee but technical had mech ques like on turbines and welding.


what is difference between speed mode and torque mode in motor?? explain in simple words please.


Why we are going for converter transformers for DC drives application instead of distribution transformer?