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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is differance between PT-100 and thermocouple?

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Can u explain : what is supply for train (whether a,c or d.c ).I know that supply is 25000v a.c .But there is rumour that supply is D.C. And also explain how lights and fans inside the trains are working ,and what type of motors are used in trains whether D.C motors or induction motors .If d.c motor, how it gets supply.If traction motors are used then what are traction motors and its functions and how it differs from other motors and also explain about locomotive . y d.c series motor in train.train wheels r driven by D.C shunt motor ,at what voltage,and at what speed. please reply..............


I have a table fan of Rallifan Make. When I overhauled it I found a stator winding and an aluminum die cast rotor. So it is supposed that it is a 1 phase induction motor. But there are only two terminals coming out and there is no capacitor. Can any one tell how this motor works? or which type of this motor is?

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On the secondary side of a distribution transformer, we use 1c x 630 sq mm cable. Why dont we use 4 core cables instead of 1 core cables on the secondary. Why we use aluminium cable glands on the outgoing instead of brass cable glands?


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Can we use BS 6651 and BS EN 62305 standards for computer room lightning ptotection in substation?



Why we transmit the power at the voltage in the multiple of 11 or 1.1 like 11kv, 22kv, 66kv, 132kv...... some one told me that it is due to fomr factor 1.1 of sine wave. its fine but while transforming we can choose any voltage, so why only multiple of 1.1 there also.......? plz tell me.

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avr is an automayic voltage regulator ... it regulates voltage before it synchronise with grid after synchronisation it regulates power factor why....

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What is the difference between Off line UPS and Line interruptible UPS?


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Do we really need wheels for the transformer

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Is motor current is dependent on load.

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how to calculate the current carrying capacity of a conductor. How it is related to diameter of cable or conductor


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How o select the electrical fuse?.What are its characteristics.How to select the material od fuse?



Why only three phase power generation are load are used


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where is the need for short circuit test for 3 see is required and why? can you explain in brief with application


I want to know in body earthing which material can be use either copper plate or GI plate please guide us which is best option.

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

In India the supply voltage is 230 volt A.C. During the negative half cycle phase becomes neutral and neutral become phase? or what will happen during negative half cycle? how the electrons flow during positive and negative half cycle?


what is PDU in transformer?? which company manufacture??


how to choose cable size with respect to load? how to convert cable size in mm2 to


What are the components of feedback control system?


Can anyone explain me about the capacitor calculation


What is meant by short-pitched winding?


What is the kiosk parts, about them and their functions ? If anybody have some PDFs files or details about this plz send it on


Its possible to use 3core 2R of 240 cable for 3phases & separely 3core cable fully for Neutral for connection of PCC to MCC 3ph..4wire system?


Why is the frequency not changed during transformation of electrical energy in a transformer?


Why is the air gap between the pole pieces and the armature kept very small?


why moisture formation found in XLPE Armoured cable outer sheath


limitation of conductor height on ground when we consider EMC


What is control system?


various transmission tower like .,D tower ,K.C.O tower ,C.C.O tower,K.C.R tower ,C.C.R tower ,H.C.O tower in different tons.


Witch do depand of Power factor and theory of power factor?