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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the avergae difference between OTI and WTI for EHV Power transformer?

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what is the natural resistance of the earth? and how it effected by rain r snow? wat is the natural resistance of wet soil? define natural resistance?


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is high voltage or high current is danger


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we all know that both the generator and motor are electromechanical conversion devices.....then why we rate motor in kw and generator in kva????


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where would be tap changer in transformer & why?


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What is the diff. between single compression and double compression gland



what is the importance of fault level in power system and how is it decided

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What is annunciator ?

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why are you use the crgo core lamination in transformer

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IN 6.6KV 3 phase switch gear .i will give 6.6kv to R phase only to earth in during H.v testing (through H.v KIT).what happen remaining much voltage get remaining phases.why? explain.

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sir i am pradeep singh from electrical branch and i want to place in software industry(tcs)but i dont know much about programmig languages like c how can i get a placement in software industry?


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Dear friends I want to design busbar for1600 kva transformer(i.e2100 amps) what are all the factors to be considered before selectinga busbar what are all the standard sizes of busbars what is the formula for finding current of copper and aluminium busbar


How can we calculate single phase load into three phase load

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how the fan is switched off immediately switching off the switch?

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friends., why celling fan rotate cockwise direction and wall fan anticickwise direction ?

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what is the safe meggar values for motor, transformer HT, LT and Cables? IF we want to replace I/C bay at our 220 kv substation which is of 140 mw load capacity bay to be replaced by 400 mw capacity bay.other than CT(1200/1) what are the other equipment i have to replace. why we generally use 3.5 core cable or in other word 1/2 core for neutral and also confirm me that in balance conditiob(3 phase)current in neutral will zero


how hazordious area is classified at an oil & gas plant and categorise suitable class of electric equipment in that area like induction motors, LCS, Lighting Fixtures Fluerescent/Flood lights Mercury& sodium lights, J.Bs, Power Cables etc


what is mean by PIR in circuitbreaker and give me detail of that?


how to fit 3 HP crompton gear motor with conveyor with the use of staring delta starter or ordinary starter?


Define what is the function of anti-pumping in circuit breaker?


why we use sinosidal voltage / current instead of others in system?


The Q-facr o of a coil given as wL/R. what will be shape of Q versus frequency graph.


What is the permissible maximum flux density in transformer core?


why the frequency and voltage in india is 230v and 50HZ. when compared to USA say 110v and 60 HZ.


We have 250 KW x 2 motors, which are load from 25% to 100% varying load in every minute , so how can we compansate the power factor. pl give your opinions on the above subject.


what is two point starter?


What are the basic component of a cro?


I need bhel electrical test pattern & paper


Write a note on Treatment for electric shock.


Why PT voltages are measured with respect to ground? What do u mean by voltage or current polarized.