Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference between diode and a transistor in terms of the direction of current flow?


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If I have a motor of 1MW with 6.6kv, running at 35% load, how can i save energy without reducing the load ?

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What is the advantage and disadvantage of dry type transformer?


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is there any difference in reading or error in value, if we connect the R phase in Y terminal and Y phase in R terminal of electronic energy meter of 11 kv feerders???


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why inuctive drop is not consider in DC MOTOR

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what's the difference between abs/inc encoders. apart from the position remembrance what are all the other differences. and what's mean by grey code.


what is reactive and active power?why we need power factor correction?

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why inductivedrop in dc motor neglected

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I am selected in OCL(Orissa cement Limited), but they have a Tech PI round their at their plant.Anybody has any idea that what kind of questions they are going to ask??Please guies help me. I am in serious headache.I have heard that huge elimination is done at there.


why we use capacitor in Fans not resistor?


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how can i determine the KVA/MVA rating of transformer precisely?? is there any standard test?????


Why there are semi conductor layers on conductor and XLPE insulation of HT cables

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Does all the output contacts (N/O as well as N/C) of a Numerical relay operate when relay receives a binary input/inputs or contacts are designated to specific logic input/inputs and only these contacts operate?


one cable insulation resistance 200 mega ohm. how find 250 meter cable resistance.


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How does a digital electronic meter work??????


what is the difference between oil surge relay and buchholz relay.


which type of motor is used in automatic swing gate


i have 90kw motor.so i choose connect cable .please what is parameter checked so please give to formula


how many joint can done in HT line and what is life of the joint


What is the universal motor?


sir i ve applied for hindustan petroleum and power grid india ltd..and the exams on feb 22.can you pls send model papers and tell how to prepare for those.i need to get into any of these for sure.....


How can we design a HVAC Plant room which includes AHU,FCU,Chillers,Cooling towers, Pumps etc & how will they work? any Drawing if possible?


in a solar power plant,we are going to step up the voltage 350V to 33kv, and to 132kv GSS. i want to ask that if it is possible that 315v/33kv is not possible because we also use 315v/11kv. or it should be 415v/33kv? is it effects generation or losses?  the second question is-generation is depends on LV winding? or LV winding design for generation voltage?


According to conduit size which size wiring & how many wires can we provide wires in conduit & how can we select conduit size accordingly?


2- What are the percentages between excitation currents in phase (R, S and T) in ∆ and Ỵ connections in excitation Current test in transformers?


What is the Basic Difference bitween Long Shunt Connection and Short Shunt Connection in DC Generator?


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How does cost of generation from hydropower plant compare with other sources of electricity?


How to calculate no of Lighning arrestors are required for protecting 50mX 50m*20m cubical building and locations of LA?