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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the difference between RMS & TRUE RMS VOLTAGE



Difference between MCC and PDB


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What are the classifications of heating element?



Why control of DC motor is simpler?



What is servo motor and what are the applications of servo motor?



What are the role of each components in PID COntroller


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why transformers rating are in KVA

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what is the path of electron when a static electron is placed in a magnetic field?

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Which one is more accurate servo or stepper motor and why?


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coil is consist of


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what is is the potential diffrence between two phase ?


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why there is no short circuit when any resistance is used between phase and neutral?

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Any one can explain if there is any harm from humming noise heard from air circuit breaker : we have 415 switch board having two incomers from transformers 3.3KV/415V , when bus coupler closed, and open one ACB incomer to work in one of the transformers, the current started hunting around 50 Amps, and heard humming noise from the air circuit breaker, although the load current was only 1200 amps while the ACB capacity is 2500 Amps, and the transformer 1600 KVA. The same didn't happen when taken the other transformer offline. Why this humming noise and current fluctuation? is there any implication or danger, bearing in mind that we just returned everything back to normal and stopped the maintenance of the transformer. Shall we go ahead and ignore this noise?

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what happens when the transformer is connected to DC supply?

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when will cause the negative sequence falut in electrical system?


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

When we have earthing mesh or underground earthing network in industrial plants, weather we have NT-S or NT-C-S kind of earthing system, so eventually weather we must use 4 or 5 wire in 400 volt level (For example 3×150+70 mm2 or 5×150 mm2) in this connection I would like to know exactly the paragraph of IEC or IEEE number


if we apply 1000ADC instead of 100ADC or We apply 50ADC instead of 100ADC,What will be happened in the test result value.Pl explain


what is the use of commutator in dc motor if we supply ac ? commutator is used to convert ac to dc.and it is used to arrange the flux in unidirectional in case of dc supply. if we give ac as supply to dc motor what is the use of commutator?


what is the meaning of the symbol << >> put in transformer drawing


how to fit 3 HP crompton gear motor with conveyor with the use of staring delta starter or ordinary starter?


Mention the disadvantages of low power factor? How can it be improved?


please anybody help me to find out the BHEL trainee Exam previous year questions papers . if u ve pls. send it to


what are the advantages disadvantages of connecting high voltage block( 1:1 transformers) transformers between the turbo generators and busbars.


What is mean by spike arrester(Voltage Operated)


hi frnds can any one help me ? plz send me placement paper of IOCL of Electrical streem .... plz send ....its urgent....


which type of effect of turbine and generator reverse power protection ?


Can you any one explain application of buccholz relay operation and pressure relif device operation of power transformer


wat is the first thing dat is needed, 2 lay a cable in some area??


What is creepage distance..... what will be the value for different voltage level


what are the condition that makes hooter blow?