Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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In the Load Test of 3 Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor, 2 wattmeters are used. One of the wattmeter deflects in negative diretion during no load. Why?


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How to design the blower for motor? how to two blowers connected in motor?

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what is Diversity factor in electrical installations

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how to decide the ratings of the MCCB,MCB in electrification.give me the proper thumb rule or procedure.



how to decide the ratings of the busbar in electrification.give me the proper thumb rule or procedure


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why excitor coil of an alternator can fail

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66kv under ground cable how to layaing in ground any special case two ckt r runing


From an electrical motor & electrical generator, which has more efficiency & why?


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why we change the direction of winding in rotor ?how we make the north and south pole?


why we r using alternator instead of d.c generator and induction generator

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why alternator is used instead of dc generator and induction generator

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what is the full form of KVAR

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what is ripple ??? what is harmonics ?


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how much current in live 11 Kv distribution Line?


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If we give 2334 A, 540V on Primary side of 1.125 MVA step up transformer, then what will be the Secondary Current, If Secondary Voltage=11 KV?


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what are the things that can cause a three phase motor to crawl?


Trafo ratio is 11kV/6.6kv,Vector group is YND11. What will be the effect if secondary is used for earthed system.


Why are iron cores in transformers made laminated?


how the testing of protection CT Testing done through Primary injection kit please describe in detail procedure...


State uses of different types of stsrters with different capacities of motors as below: a. up to 5HP b. above 5hp to 10hp c. above 10hp to 20hp d. above 20hp


importance of reactive power management


what is the difference between surge protection capacitor and surge arrestor


From what on-site components does the HT panel monitoring the bus-bars in a 11kV system take inputs?


Please brief what is sinewave


how can we make cable shedule for controll wiring ? which details must be required for it.?


Which of the following alternatives will be cheaper (1) A 100 h.p AC, 3-phase motor (2) Four motors of 25 h.p each (3) Five motors of 20 h.p each (4) 10 motors of 10 h.p each explain


how to select proper cable for ct wiring so that drop within the limit.


Whether the vacuum contactor requires Short circuit protection?If No,why?


which are the criterias needed to select the kind of neutral earthing(solid earthing,resistance earthing,etc.) at various voltage levels in electrical distribution?


How to determine the breaking capacity such as break down current and break down voltage for VCB and CT's.