Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the minimum dielectric stregth of transformer oil.


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what are the affects of loose connection in electrical circuit.


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The objective of connecting a resistance and capacitance across gate circuit is to protect the SCR against

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what is the diffrantial relay???????why we use it on the MDB

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what is the meaning of the parameters labeled on the surge arrestor like 150/20 ???

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what is humming AC solenoid


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purpose of check value


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How to calculate the average power factor in 3 phase unbalanced system

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What are the different methods for calculating Short Circuit Curren?

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why transformer rating in kva?

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How to convert resistance value at 20 degree to 90 degree?

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In stepdown transformer 11/415 volt two nos.(R & Y)HT side fuse is blown ,what will be voltage of ry,rb,yb in secondary side


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How to calculate the cable size for particular load

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How to calculate the Efficiency of Chiller

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Whar is the KvA rating of 33Kv substation & actual kv rating of power generaating station.


In siemens S7-300 PLC, what is function and function block ? What is the difference between them ? When to use function and when to use function block ?


static chagre


in a solar power plant,we are going to step up the voltage 350V to 33kv, and to 132kv GSS. i want to ask that if it is possible that 315v/33kv is not possible because we also use 315v/11kv. or it should be 415v/33kv? is it effects generation or losses?  the second question is-generation is depends on LV winding? or LV winding design for generation voltage?


Lt motor sfu flashing reasons?


why we are using Load factor?


What are the site acceptance tests for power cables, DG Sets, LT panels & 30kVA UPS ?


what are the values of VRY,VYB,VBR,Vry,Vyb,Vbr,Vrn,Vyn,Vbn for Magenetic balance test of 100 KVA and 63 KVA Distribution transformer


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WTA used cb?


How to calculate VA rating for CT or PT or Control Transformer?


Is there any question in the name of Static Switch in UPS??


how to select overload-relay for perticular motor 1.for D.O.L. starter 2. for Star-delta starter ????


what is mean by Digital Logic Meter (DLM)


if in 3-phase system voltage=440V,frequency=60Hz, current=400A. then if it is single phase then current=? and if it is single phasing then current=?