Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the minimum dielectric stregth of transformer oil.


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what are the affects of loose connection in electrical circuit.


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The objective of connecting a resistance and capacitance across gate circuit is to protect the SCR against

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what is the diffrantial relay???????why we use it on the MDB

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what is the meaning of the parameters labeled on the surge arrestor like 150/20 ???

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what is humming AC solenoid


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purpose of check value


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How to calculate the average power factor in 3 phase unbalanced system

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What are the different methods for calculating Short Circuit Curren?

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why transformer rating in kva?

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How to convert resistance value at 20 degree to 90 degree?

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In stepdown transformer 11/415 volt two nos.(R & Y)HT side fuse is blown ,what will be voltage of ry,rb,yb in secondary side


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How to calculate the cable size for particular load

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How to calculate the Efficiency of Chiller

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what is the difference between ups & inverter


How to calculate the heat load for a electrical room


If a rotary UPS is in line through grid power; What would be the impact on Power Factor if the load through rotary ups is 25% , 50% , 75% & 100%. Will the power factor reduce with less load?


what is the mechanism of operation of brushless dc motor why is it more wexpensive then ordinary permanent magnet motors


Explain how you intend to work under pressure to meet up with deadline target?


being an electrical engineer why you wanna come into software i have an very good academics what answer i have to give


what is the transiant condition in alternator? and how it can be prevanted?


Why the efficiency of generator is more than motor in swinburne's test


Igfet is a


1.What is captive power plant? 2.What is national grid?Give brief idea.


How eddy current generation support the idea of train braking?


Write the programming software name for LG, SIEMENS,Messung,AB


In Indian Household, generally we receive 220V AC single phase supply. But AC has 2 phases, +ve & -ve. So in +ve half cycle current is flowing...so what happens in the -ve half cycle?? Please illustrate.


what is the effect of earth on capacitance in 3-phase and 1- phase transmission line?


what is difference between isolation and ultra isolation transformer?, what is the method of testing ?