Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the minimum dielectric stregth of transformer oil.


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what are the affects of loose connection in electrical circuit.


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The objective of connecting a resistance and capacitance across gate circuit is to protect the SCR against

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what is the diffrantial relay???????why we use it on the MDB

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what is the meaning of the parameters labeled on the surge arrestor like 150/20 ???

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what is humming AC solenoid


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purpose of check value


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How to calculate the average power factor in 3 phase unbalanced system

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What are the different methods for calculating Short Circuit Curren?

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why transformer rating in kva?

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How to convert resistance value at 20 degree to 90 degree?

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In stepdown transformer 11/415 volt two nos.(R & Y)HT side fuse is blown ,what will be voltage of ry,rb,yb in secondary side


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How to calculate the cable size for particular load

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How to calculate the Efficiency of Chiller

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What is purpose of reactor?.What is different between line and bus reactor?


why power factor is important?


what is the difference b/w pvc cu conductor and cu breaded wire..?


What is inverse definite minimum time lag relay? Where is it use?


Proviiding the Dedicated N earth and individual Body Earths ,Finally these all looped /Now my Question :- will it not harm in case of Transformer Fault current flows in Dediacted N Earthing to Looped Body Earthing.


Why PS class CT is always preferred for Differential protection?


following are the questions asked in interviews: 1) Considering the short circuit fault, which switchgear is preferable, SFU OR MCCB? Which operates faster? whicg one is popular in Indian Market and why? 2)Define SCPD. What is type2 coodination? 3)Why the contactor rating is higher for the fuseless selection than for fuse selection? whether the ratinf of SFU or MCCB remains the same in both the cases? 4)If the HP rating is known then can you calculate the ratings of L.V Switchgear(SFU/MCCB, contactor, OLR) without using the selection chart?


where solid grounding and where grounding through ngr done and why?


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previous year paper of ntpc bhel for degree in electrical enng


What is meant by Im=30mA@Vk/2. How to know the kee point voltage for CT design


what is gridrotor resistance starter


how to calculate current and voltage in a same circuit?


what is vA rating and class of a ct.


Pl. brief about break-down maintenance of machine tool.