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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how to work current transformer and potential transformer


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what is main difference between live tank and dead tank current transformer?


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what are the different types and applications of compressors?

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compressor compresses air means exactly what happens?

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can we individually produce electriciyt

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what is the defination of 'Mass' & 'Weight'

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Dear Friends, I have a 500KVA transformer supplying whole factory having 3 phase and single phase mixed loads. Power room has ammeters connected via CTs for individual phase. Now I know that readings shown on meter for each phase say R,Y and B are line currents. But when I want to know the total on transformer do I need to add the currents of all three phases readings shown on meter or value for anyone phase will give me the correct power load on transformer for that point of time. 2. If ammeter shows unbalanced readings for R,Y, B phases say 150, 250 and 300 respectively so can I assume that 150A i.e average of 3 will be the 3phase load currents and remaining will be 1phase currents. Please clarify my doubt.

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what is the maximum load in MDB,SMDB and DB

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how to wiring 20 hp motor get completated?


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wich type of cable is selected for wiring of 20hp motor?


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give me list of material for wiring of 20hp motor?


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What are the various types of BUSBAR Schemes? explain each


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What are the various types of BUSBAR Schemes? explain each


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my motor rating is 800HP, 128Amps, 3.3kV. What is capaitor bank i can use for PF improvement to 0.990?

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What is the Power factor of DC Power system ?

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What is Phase to Phase clearance for 800V System Operating Voltage as per IEC61439


What is signal flow graph?


-What shall be short circuit current of LV switchgear for a 1000 kva, 11.415kv, 3 phase tranformer with 5% reactance.


What kind of Neutral CT can be placed in 11/0.433KV transformer to be used and what are its specification?


sir, Is their any measuring unit of knoking? please explian?


what will happen if multimeter(selector switch at DC voltage) and terminal at current is connected to DC supply?


R=*ΒΆ l/a


how is find out kwh step by step


What is core CT & it's function?


i applied for c licence with my one year apperents trainee and i have attaced with A grade contractor company experiance that is for 14 monts experiance this document is sufeicant for c licence? pls tell why they rejected


Pl.brief me any electrical major fault you have rectified.


How to assume answer to electrical questions


why we permissive overreach in distance protection.where it is applicable to use in long r short lines


Do closed loops systems require manual input?


how can i apilly for electrical c licencese.sir,i completed B.Tech in electrical & electronics engineering in 201onot working any company