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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What will happen when a DC series motor suppllied by an AC source ?

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Why PT burnts?

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what will be happened when a single phase motor is supplied by the dc supply

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Why dry type cast resin transformers tap link blast in HV side while power shut down times on load?


can alternators work at leading power factor?

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what is ACB

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diff between synchronous gen and alternators

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what is the internal fuction of a ceiling fan?

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what is function of capacitor in ceiling fan?

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How many 2 ton window A/c can runs on a 125 KVA generator?

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What is a soft start?

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what is different between kvar & micro farad when its comes across the capacitor rating is it possible to convert kvar to mf or mf to kvar

Manipal University,

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what is the minimum pay scale for electrical engineer (building construction)in kuwait? plz revert back with yrs of experience & pay scale respectively.


what is the thumb rule or formula for cable size and current ratings

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what is the difference between R Y B windings in three phase.does it differ by construction or by number of windings?Explain the difference between them.

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

describe the Tranformer testing procedure


defination of controlled shunt reactor


In my power station 220 volts dc battery set. they coneected 84th cell taped


Electrical 'C' license full abbreviation , and full form


If i have two 3000 kW motors and the whole facility requires a 10 MVA transformer. What would be better installing two 5 MVA transformers(one for 1 motor ) or just a single 10 MVA transformer for both of them. Give reasons for your answer.


how harmonics generated in induction furnance? how minimise it?


How to checked frequency drive output voltages?


what is stper motor


Discuss about gear cutting machines.


What is the size of a 60 watt and 80 watt tubelight?


placement paper samples of mspl company


we specify current in case of feeder but in case of distributor voltage, why?


What is class ab operation?


A logic circuit that provides a HIGH output if one input or the other input, but not both, is HIGH, is a(n)?


Can any one give an explanation about rating factors of cable? if we are laying the cable on the air with an temp 15 degree then rating factors will be 1.15 and if we are laying the cable on the air an temp 60 degree then rating factor will be 0.76 please describe it and what is the difference between rating factor and derating factor?