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I am working in transmission network, one of my 66kv line having short distance about 6km, when sending end voltage is 67kv receiving end get 69kv, i want to know that, does distance affects in this matter, please explain in this matter & if possible answer me on my mail id, kaushikkumar.vanavi@getcogujarat.com, kaushik.vanavi@gmail.com

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is the electrical energy photo copy possible or not???????????? give me some idea about that i m very great full tu u.

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What are the difference between CT/PT operated Meter and RRAMR Meter for HT/LT application?

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A resistor,inductor and capacitor are connected in series respectively.Voltage across resistor is 40v,across inductor is 70v,across capacitor is 100v.Then what is the total voltage applied across the elements?

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What happens if we give ac supply to dc shunt and series motors individually


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what is meant by VDC ?where its applicable ?

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What is NDR in HT capacitor panels.

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what is the transformer efficiency?

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If the positive terminal of batteries in 125 v dc system is connected to earth what will happen ?

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why the energy meter disc rotates anticlockwise while reading


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what is harmonics? what are the factors it will depend upon



what is power factor when in view of a lineman


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what is reactive power is it good or bad for a system

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why some harmonics are disturbing while the others not

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how to find the 2500 KVA transformer rated primary and secondary volt and current?

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what is the differencce inn series and cascade connection??


What are the types of windings according to the construction?


What is the formula of frequency ?


Why front mounted CT polarities are always towards breaker?


one conductor length is L.and i am strech uniformly this conductor and made length is 2L.so resistance of this strech conductor is R=4R..but i want to know about area of stech conductor hows it become a/2..


how oil in the MOCB was reduced compared with OCB? what are the features of the MOCB?


what's the requirement of Dy11d0 connection of 3 phase transformer?what's use of it?


in shunt clippers why a resistor is used in sereis with the input


could anybody able 2 send me jindal steels previous papers fr electrical steam....pls send 2 my id if possible....sirisha.shaik@gmail.com


What Is HO factor in power selection


my UPS suddenly goes off and all panel light also blow off.This happens even main electric supply is not interrupted.After some time it automatically starts functioning normally.Batteries are new.


diff.between servo motor and ac motor


how to produsing geretor power


What are the applications of different multistage amplifiers?Plz also write advantages of these amplifiers? Thaaaaaaaaanx


I have 1500/1A CT If i connect this CT in 6.6KV bus bar means what will be the voltage present in CT?