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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference between earth resistance and earth electrode resistance?

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how many types of dc batteries standards are present?

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which power plant has high load factor?


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please explain power factor in simple words.....

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what is meant by Hrc fuses.?In the distribution system different rating hrc fuses are used for tranformer(which is 3k,6k,10k,15k etc).what is k?.plz any brother tell me about k?

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why would amp draw on neutral wire be as much as amp draw on the hot leg.


This is urgent!! What is a Thyristor-based 3-ways selector switch with Zero crossing control? how does it operate and where is it mostly found in a system?


how to compute kvar in substation feeder to improve power factor and sending voltage


define the power factor in one word

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1000 W bulb takes 4.16 Amps at 240 volt then what will be the KWH & if i am using 1000 W bulb at 180 Volt the amps will be 5.55 then what will be KWH????????????????

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How do we calculate the Out put voltage of generator, after the excitation is being given?


What is the simplest formula to calculate the rotor diameter of a synchronous generator?



How do we calculate the out Put voltage of generator, after excitation being given?

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We have one Energy meter for Measuring the voltage,current,power,energy(KWH,KVARH,KVAH) & power factor.The problem is that the meter does not show whether the PF is lagging or leading.So i want to know that is there any way or calculation to find out that whether the PF sign (lagging or leading) depending upon the above mentioned parameters?

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How do you select a cable size(Cu & Al) for a particular load?

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Define gain margin?


If a 3 phase induction motor is in off condition in the conveyor and rotor of the motor keeps moving with the conveyor than the resistance of windings of motor varies. why is it so ??


how is find out kwh step by step


what is mind in cable


design of IGBT firing circuit for 11KV


How many types are using in 220kv/400 kv swith yard


what does mean of RCT and STR in diffrential CT?


Two electric lamps 40 W, 220 V each are connected in series across 220 V. What is the power consumed by the connection?


Give atleast 20 alternating current apparatus and devices.


I want definition for ABT Meter (Availability Based tariff) ?


What is Percentage impedence of a transformer? why it is expressed at a percentage? what is the importance of percentage impedence in case of a transformer?


What is The Resistance Formula


what is transient voltage?


whatis the commertial spec. of distribution boards ?


what are the assumptions made in swineburne's test?