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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is meant by soft starter used in motors?

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800a siemens vcb in our company can not be closed electrcally an mechanicaly cc and oc coils are found ok. why?

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which circuit breaker enclosure is best for maintenance guy? 16 bolt & 20 bolt squre or 16,20 bolt hinge

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Can anybody inform me about the pattern of ECIL GET( Graduate Engineers Trainee) interview for Electrical students? Will there be HR round as well? I thought of preparing for 2 to 3 subjects thoroughly. Will it be sufficient? Please share your thoughts.



What is Surge Capacitor? Why it is use in Generator Circuit Breaker?



current cyring capacity of .75sqmm copper cable

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house wiring - series wiring or parallel wiring

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how to know the diffrential relay setting of 06mva step- down (delta-star)transformer?



how to find ratio of CT & PT in 66/11kv 12 mva supply system ? explain with calculation.

Adani, Mahaveer,


How to find knee point voltage in current transformer?


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What is the formula to calculate the size of Aluminium and copper cable?


What is maximum demand and contract demand?

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what are the protection components on HT Side and LT side?

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Why do we use copper cable for HT Supply and why not Aluminium?


can we synchronize star system generators with delta system generators?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

What is the end effect of linear induction motor ??


Whether 3 phase induction motorwith 100 hp capacity , Amp 160 for which sensitive earth fault relay , type CTUM 15 can be used?


Draw the circuit of clapp oscillator?


Give me the calculation steps to design an electromagnet to be work in 230V 50 Hz AC Supply. Also give force that is created by that electromagnet when it gets energized.


What is the difference between grid and off- grid system??


AL=0B9H,bl=75H, ADD AL,BL AL=____________? CF________? OF___________?


Sir, I have applied for the of & Electronics) & ASST. LOCO PILOT at ALL RRB BOARDS. please send me all RRB Boards solved papers in the year of 2001 tO till date. i requested send me the papers to my id as soon as possible ( (This is very urgent) Thank You,


what is the maximum temperature rating of a thhn insulated conductor?


how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING)IO (current operating)?


what is load vs Torque curve & why it is used?


Do Phase angle measurement have any application in freq/harmonics measurement? If so how?


what is the differebt between ac and dc fuse?


why they were using TRIAC instead relay in some controllers and what is the advantages.


How many size of cable required for a 300m long and 30kw inductive lode


Explain Need of a starter in a dc motor.? Also explain any two starting and speed control method of dc motor?