Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the use of switch disconnector fuse

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How Humming noise generated in starter motor which was used the start the engine in a vehicle/car/Truck?.Moreover Starter motor was operated in DC power supply. Can you guys clarify ?

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what is the function of mccb?

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while grounding the galvenized metallic structures is it necessary to remove the galvenization at the point of contact? Or other wise is the galvenizatio a good conductor?

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Is there a diode made that works with AC 120 volt 20 amp? If so can it completely stop all current flow in 1 direction at all times?


What are differences between Voltage, EMF & Potential difference ?


how we can check new PT ? without name plate.

Indo Power Projects,

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In convertor can we use rectifier thyristor in place of invertor thyristor with explain.


hii this is ranjith from hyd... i want to know what type of questions they ask in interview...and hw the interview will go..? what subjects thay ask specially for electrical engg students?


what will happen when two dc motors are connected to each other and anyone of them rotated?

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why generally transformer are in star to delta or delta to star used?


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What should be the voltage between neutral and earth of a UPS?

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while doing the excitation current test on power transformer what is the value of voltage to be applied? Nomonal rated voltage or 10% of rated voltage? Is it necessary to apply on high voltage side?


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can someone explain that how the speed of the protection system affects the fault level calculation?


In one village i have seen Earthing transformer's earthing line was also connected to the Transformer body to ground the transformer,can it be possible to maintain 0Volt reutral line this way?

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with out colour codeing on conductor how can be find what is r,what is b,what is y phases.....


May I know how much values to be set for earth fault, over current and short circuit values at 11kv side? I have 11kv van 1250amps rating. Present it's taking load 80amps?


If breaker is undefined position, first step to do.


why we have to particulary use ACB for below ratings,even available of MCB,MCCB with that range ?


Could the power factor on electrical system can affect the registration of the kwhr meter or the CT/PT? 


What is the difference between alternator and generator?


What is the method for testing the differential protection stabilty in generator? When the time of starting What will happen if differentail protection connection wrong means?


How harmonic block test are conducted on relays ( Siemens,Areva ect )power transformer using omicron kit?


Can you used moeller lzm1 mccb in a dc system with 125vdc and 20ka short circuit current , beside is it have 24 or 48 volt shunt ? Beside how long current can through from An MCB shunt contacts? (like Z7-AS 24 V)?


i karmveer bharti persuing b.tech . plz send me syllabus and name of reference books. for preparation of section eng.


What is the distance between each insulator in 33kv transformer and how can it calculate


what is calculation mathod/formaulla for deciding Size of busbar (Copper/ aluminum)for L.T. panel on Various Fault level like 50kA,25kA,10kA


Why reactors use before incoming of ac vvfd drive?


how can we make cable shedule for controll wiring ? which details must be required for it.?


state basic meaning of 'INDUSTIAL AUTOMATION'?