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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference bet ween EDO Type & MDO type ACBs, and what is the advantage EDO Type over than MDO type ACBs.


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how brushed dc motor operating ?


how brushless dc motor is operating ?

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We have a 33/11kv switchyard having 12.5 MVA power transformer. We export & import power through this transformer. When we export power, the PF will be depend on GRID PF & when we import power the PF will be depend on our load PF. but the problem is that,when neither we export nor import but our 33KV vCB is in close position,our meter read the power factor 0.14 to 0.25 at that moment. So how can be we improve the power factor at that moment.

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what happens if power factor is maintained at 0.9?give me the answer in technicall way rather than telling the penality n all


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what is the use of static frequency converter and static excitation equipment? and where it is employed? for what?



What is ac and dc drive.

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What is plc.

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What is ht lt switchgear.

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What is lighting kitts.


Why use only DC supply to charge batteries why not AC Supply??

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can any one suggest paper presentation topies for electrical engg?


1.what is the easiest way to convert AH(ampere hour)to watts?.

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1.What will be stored in online ups EPROM IC?



1.How to calculate backup time from series connected battery of 12v dc with 26Ah for 2battery?

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Why colled 440V to 3-phase supply.


for what voltage will reactive power be largest in 380 kv line : a) 375kv b)380kv c)385kv


explanation of mesh bus bars


in what type of applications v can use q meter?


why we use circuit breakers for switching instead of normal switching device?


How can we calculate the transformer rating if the load calculated is 1000KW (11Kv Supply)?


Is it possible to measure the voltage of a battery from a single terminal?


I want d.g.set our company


how to calculate percentage impedence at 75 deg C at normal tap


explain why core loss of a transformer is almost constant under different load conditions when connected across a constant voltage and constant frequency.


what happens when dc generator coupled with cycle shaft.also explain what happens when its loaded


How many types of electric motors are there?


What is a compensator?


What are test signals and their significance?


what is the diference between the 4pole & 6pole DC Motors & what is advantage 6pole over the 4pole ?