Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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difference b/w semiconductor and dielectric

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does any one know where we can purchase insulation oil for high voltage oil filled cables


I am going to appear for the RRB Chennai Section Engineer online exam. Please send me the question papers from 2001 to date to my mail id: vsujith_rajan@yahoo.co.in


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What is CBCT ? Why & Where it is used?


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can any one help me? 1.what is corona extinction voltage&corona inception volatage 2.what is mean by CFVV?


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Why diversity factor are applied to the load?

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which type of breaker sould be used for different level of voltage ? (i.e at 11 Kv, 33 Kv, 66 Kv....

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what happens if commutator is removed in an dc machine?

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why maintain the Dg PF is 0.8? Explain?

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What is mean demand of the Plant?

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How can we checked Killo Watts of Motor & Alternator?


What happen if we re-start H.T motor whose rotor is running at 40% rated speed. Is it will damage motor winding?

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If an induction motor is restarted before its rotor stop rotating, then what will be the amount of current drawn? Is this current will be the same as motor starting current?

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without any theoretical calculations, can u approximately tell the current rating of a motor(above 30hp)working at 415VAC.

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what is meant by negative sequencing in power system.explain in detail

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What is the angle of inclination for the oil connection from transformer conservator to Bucholz relay and why?


List examples of voltage source?


We have two APFC panels in same station. I need how to connect CT in two APFC panels.can we take one CT in series connection or two separate CTs.


What is the minimum underground tank size capacity considered for firefighting purpose?


3Cx240 & 3Cx300 sqmm Al. cable from lv side. What is the calculation for this cable??


what is level 2 automation?


can we use ZNyn11 transformer instead of Dyn11 transformer in distribution for effectively eliminating harmonics from the industrial loads.


How many types of interlocking use in screw type air compressor,make-Kaser(BSD MODEL)?


What are IP protections used for electrical panels, JB, equipments installed in explosive zones like Petrochemicals, Oil & gas


If Neutral Grounding Resistor (GR) failed/shorted. Is it repairable.


What is the difference between the impedance percent and impedance voltage ?


I am interested to know what does 15 KVA DG set actually means? If I dont know the DG rating, is it possible to identify KW by simply knowing the diesel consumption?


What is online and offline ups? how does it works?


Give idea about General Engineering. From which book i can study this topic. Pl. reply me via email. My email is ravi@bhelhwr.co.in, also give the name of book/website, from where i can prepare it.


what is mean by kneepoint voltage? when it will happen? ( my doubt is, if CT secondary is open means ct get saturation or blas? what are factors are required for calculations? plz give currect anws: