Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Corona occurs between two transmission wires when they (a) are closely-spaced (b) are widely-spaced (c) have high potential difference (d) carry d.c. power

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which type of winding is used for high voltage & low current?


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Can any one give an explanation about rating factors of cable? if we are laying the cable on the air with an temp 15 degree then rating factors will be 1.15 and if we are laying the cable on the air an temp 60 degree then rating factor will be 0.76 please describe it and what is the difference between rating factor and derating factor?


Difference between rating factor of cable and derating factor of cable?


what size steel armoured cable is required to support 1500kva capacity. would 70mm squared be enough or would I need 90 or 120mm squared 3c plus earth

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single phase voltage 230 and Three phase voltage 450 why 690 voltage


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Why PS class CT is always preferred for Differential protection?


Who are the manufactures those manufacturing 3Cx2.5sqmm FRLS cables. I heard about FRLS technology adopted only in wires useful for wirings


For 160kw motor what size of cable and material is needed.?

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how to calculate IR value of 33KV cable ??


How many battery required for an 3kva online ups with 3 hrs back up with usage of 3 fans,3tube lights

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list the advantages of RCCB over other circuit breakers?


what will happen if dc is supplied in acb or mccb or other circuit breakers?

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sir, 3phase induction motor takes different pf and different KW in three phase while running,explain reason



3ph motor running with unequal kw and different pf what are the reasons



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i want wipro vlsi placement pattern please send me


How to do cable sizing calculation for 750 A Neutral Earthing resistor for 33kv. the 33kv cable going to swbd. is 630mm2 3 runs.


what happens when dc generator coupled with cycle shaft.also explain what happens when its loaded


Its possible to use 3core 2R of 240 sq.mm cable for 3phases & separely 50sq.mm 3core cable fully for Neutral for connection of PCC to MCC 3ph..4wire system?


While testing a ZCT what parameters have to check or measure?


I need to connect a synchronous generator to the grid using automatic synchronization and two circuit breakers (one for synchronization, one for end connection to the grid), how to determinate the required diameter of the cables?


How to know any size of cable if there are not written on cable? Answer must be theurical not by experience.


How much weight an electrical engine can pull??


can anyone tell me can the electromagnetic waves can be reflected back?if so how &by which material it can be reflected back?please tell me so that it can help to my wireless power trasnmission device.


how to apply b license to c license in tneb


hi I have done 3 yrs diploma in electrical engg after 10+2. I have 16 years of work experience into design proposals sales and engg application development in LV/MV swithcgear and sub station automation field. I want to apply for immigration to new zealand but I am not sure whether I qualify or not since I dont have a degree. Can anyone advice? Thanks Riz


please send the IS strandard for electrical to sakthi_murugan86@yahoo.co.in


Following test should be conducted to find out relative polarity of transformenr terminals A no load test B back to back test C phasing out test D none of above


what do u understand from filter factor of reactor?


Why are iron cores in transformers made laminated?