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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why in India only 50hz frequency not 60hz

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how to reduce shorting current in a slipring induction motor

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why we are using KVA rating for transformer,not KWh rating?


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What is the function of mid point voltage in battery bank

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11000volt DG set carnt kaise banvay



what is the function of DC panel in substation?

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Why 1500 rpm of deasel generator please explain to me?

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What is T’Q and X’Q and X’D ? and what is saturated as well as unsaturated ?



What was the Dg set radiator and lube oil temperatures trip in ACB

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In case of HV test on medium voltage cables, BS is asking for 4 U0 where as IEC is asking for 3.5 U0. Can any one advise me how this 3.5 times or 4 times U0 is derived?


In both 600/1000 V cable and 450/750 V cable, we can supply 415 V. However for distribution, all utilities are using only 600/100 V instead of 450/750 V. What is the reason?


Why diesel tank kept in 990 ltrs


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How to reduce -234126219.6403 MVAr generation and by what?


What is cp system and why is it required.?


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If a capacitor bank is having rating 750kvar for 6.6kv. Then for 3.3kv how much will be the rating of capacitor bank.


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What is the difference between Delta & Wye windings?


Dear sir, iam completed iti ncvt electrician 2000-2002 & diploma electrical eng completed 2008-2010 distance education in rvd university, still i got B licences only but my working company want C licences, how to i get c licencese pls reply me iam in critical situation thank you karthick 9841637803


what is meant by re-rolling motor? how it differs from standard motor?


How to design harmonic filter at the project stage without nowing the harmonics levels


what material is used in capaciter


why the starting voltage drop in a cable needs to be limited?what is percentage of the voltage drop allowed during starting?


How does the phase sequence controller works, how it identifies the phases? confirm working principle


generally in LT and MV motors we are using 3.5Coresx16,25,35,50 etc cable for supply.although motors is earthed at two point and having all protection.then why we are using that 1/2 core for earthing the motors.while in HT cable we are using only 3core cable for motor supply.generally lt and mv motors are delta connected and ht motors having star connection.whethere it is having any relation with winding connection( star or delta).all motors i am talking about are dol only.can anybody solve my confusion.thanks...


What is Annunciation?


Which device is used for the source of emission of electrons in a crt?


How to test IR testing & magnetic balance test


Why 1/3 is used in symmetrical components?


Explain dc generator with its types?


what are the advantages and disadvantages of oil filled cables over XLPE cables


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