Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is bending moment, for simply supported slab ? how do you calculate ?

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Q:What is the formula of bar to bent the slab in bent slab? Second question Q: what is formula to calculate the hook?

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how do you estimate the # of bags of cement, sand & gravel.. if only given the volume of the project..

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In a given rcc design, how to calculate quantity of steel, for all practical purpose of construction?

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what will be the grade for M 30 ,35,40,45,50,55???

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How to find arc area with using angle?with out using angle?

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Adout concrete

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What is the mixing of D.P.C?

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what do you mean by yeild stress of a material? What will happen when hit is given to cement?



Which one is the main bar in a square slab (2m x 2m)

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What is difference between MS and Tor steel ?? Please ellobrate...or state its charactersitcs??

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what is fineness modulas of sand ?

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Can you tell the dia of bars and spacing for a 16'x16' room can you tell the dia of bars and spacing to be used for a slab for a 16'x16' room or any other design you explain

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best hand book for civil engineers with practical criteria

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how you calculate the data (all parameter) after transient response method i.e.pile intigrity test on pile.

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What is the difference in painting using Roller and Brush? What is the paint consumption difference? As per IS one coat of painting is painting from left to right and top to bottom whether this can be done using roller ( Roller Stick height and feasibility) ?


I need old MMUP exam question and answer for Civil engineering


How to calculate the quantity of ingredients of M20 grade concrete?


how to read the drawings to find the quantity of steel in a storm water manhole or any other structure?


what is the mix design for M:60 with micro silica andmetakaoline?


Hi all, please guide me about the volume. And percentage. Of steel fibre to be used. My project. Is Sifcon.


can we find any technical issue if we are gong to change the dimensions of steel beams from one type to another type IE if there are any equievelant data base to find solution for problem of changeing sectios of beam from one type to another with the same cross sectional area.


what are the layers of the national and heir aprox thickness??


how much quantity of 1.5" nails and 2.5" nails are required for conventional formwork shuttering?


Dear Sir, I work in hydro project. I want to hire Scorpio/ Bolero on monthly basis. But how can i justified its amount (Hourly basic). Please solve my problem


natucher of concrete &type of concrete?


within an emergency scenario what are the safe systems of work a coss can setup as part of is duties




What is the Systematic Responsibility Site Engineer? Who are the above and under co-oridinating ? What is office & Site co-ordination of Site Engineer?


how to calculate the weight of concrete