Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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16. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far and why?

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17. What is the thing that can disappoint you while working for a certain employer?


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18. What is the thing that might make you happy at your work place?

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19. Are you a team player?

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20. Do you adapt easily to new environment, job?

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21. Are you able to work under pressure?

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22. Are you willing to attend trainings, learn new skills and develop as a professional?

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23. If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?

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24. Why should we hire you?

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25. Are you willing to work overtime?

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Hello sir,I am preparing for GET,Jindal steel & power limited.So can u plz send me few back papers including technical & aptitude.


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Respected sir i am appearing for the exam this year.I will be highly obliged if u kindly send me last year's interview paper on civil engineering in my email address

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What is the difference between face reinforcement and distribution bar in a concrete structure?

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how do we calculate quantity of cement , sand and aggregates in 1 m3 of M30 grade concrete ?

NCC, Gammon, ABES Engineering College, Jalanidhi,

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tell me how to calculate by weight and by volume the quantity of cement sand mortar of 1:2

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In a beam,stirrups are placed closely at ends than at centre due to shear.similarly where would ties be closer to each other-at center or at ends in a column and slab.


What are the methods in tiles flooring ? What are the methods in brick work? What are the methods in plastering ? What are the methods in wall tiling?


I would like to get the formula How can i calculate the productivity of a mason in terms of brick laying and plaster. i have 6000 Sqmt of interlock laying work i want to calculate - how many masons required to do the job - in how many days can it be done - what will be the production rate in 8 hours shift/ per mason if i can get some excell sheet , it will really help me in my calculations


how to calculate the size of triangular ring in rcc column?


Why reinforcement done in shorter span in two way slabs


why & what is perchatage we are using fly ash in concrete?


I want to know the material required per Square foot in rcc roof i.e.Steel ,Cement,


please send latest placement papers of hpcl officers trainee test. i will be very thankful to you.


I need old MMUP exam question and answer for Civil engineering


Design a rectangular channel.


need to join coaching institute in coimbatore tamilnadu ......say me the best coaching for IAS


How many cement sand ballast in cc 1:4:8 40mm


what is parametre for M25 after 7 days strength


How to calculate quanty of steel in four leg stirrups?


How to Calculate Materials Required for PCC 1:4:8 for 1Cum & Brickwork 1:4 for 1Cum & Plastering 1:4 (15mm Thick) for 100Sqm & RCC 1:4:8 & 2mt ( L1=1mt & L2=1mt ) length of 12mm Steel bended in 90degrees what is the formula to calculate Weight & Actual Length ?