Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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16. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far and why?

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17. What is the thing that can disappoint you while working for a certain employer?


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18. What is the thing that might make you happy at your work place?

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19. Are you a team player?

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20. Do you adapt easily to new environment, job?

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21. Are you able to work under pressure?

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22. Are you willing to attend trainings, learn new skills and develop as a professional?

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23. If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?

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24. Why should we hire you?

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25. Are you willing to work overtime?

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Hello sir,I am preparing for GET,Jindal steel & power limited.So can u plz send me few back papers including technical & aptitude.


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Respected sir i am appearing for the exam this year.I will be highly obliged if u kindly send me last year's interview paper on civil engineering in my email address

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What is the difference between face reinforcement and distribution bar in a concrete structure?

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how do we calculate quantity of cement , sand and aggregates in 1 m3 of M30 grade concrete ?

NCC, Gammon, ABES Engineering College, Jalanidhi,

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tell me how to calculate by weight and by volume the quantity of cement sand mortar of 1:2

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To pcc 11 ft x 24 ft .How many bags of cement, sand and aggregate required? And for roofing how many cgi sheets required?


1.what is the mix proportion for cement soil compressed earth blocks? to calculate the mix proportion for cement stablised earth soil blocks?


explain fie benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process


what is 3.14 indicates for cutting length of stirrups


what is right & short method of measurement of slab&beam


What are the alternate material for steel, Sand and aggregate


) Design a gussetted base for a column section consisting of one sc 250 with two cover plates 300 x 25 mm carrying an axial load of 2500 KN. The S.B.C. of soil is 250 KN/m2 and the permissible bearing pressure on concrete is 4000 KN.


give me the mix proportion for design mix concrete M 7.5 grade 1:4:8


Kindly post me previous year interview questions with answer for post of Manager (civil engg.) for NTPC, IOC , GAIL etc. I have interview on july 2013.I will be very grateful to you. Please guide me.


strength vs shape factor


what is civil enginnering & what you need of this course?


what is zone a n zone b?why the spacing of ring in zone a less.n zone b high?


What is the procedure and technnology behind jointing of prestessed block in Delhi metro rail project.


how much quantity of cement,sand and water required for 1 sq feet flooring work .


what is conventional shuttering rate per square feet of built up area? what is Mivan shuttering rate per square feet of built up area? what is coupler shuttering rate per square feet of built up area?