Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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yet i am not got any hallticket from aai junior excequtive exam.any one got application form from aai.

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can any one give me sample question paper of BHEL at as i m appearing for the same exam.



can any give me bhel n other govt sec interview question

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What is a deep beam ? Explain ?


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What is the difference between "working stress method" And "limit state method"?

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What is the ratio of cement, sand, aggregate of mix M25

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What is CRMB ? And how it is beneficial to the service life of the road?


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How do you calculate the surface area of the paver blocks, in oreder to find out the compressive strength of the same ?? And which codes are used for testing of paver blocks ?

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Which code describes the tolerances limit for undulation in the roads or pavements ?


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What is the difference between the concrete mix design carried out by IS10262 and by ACI method ?



how do we find the nos of bricks in 1 m3 brick masonary


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Quantity of cement in kgs for different proportions and different thickness in plastering work per 1 sq.m. And how to estimate this quantities.

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Is there any change in IS code regarding location of laps for column reinforcement. Can we place staggered alls for column one floor lvl?

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Trapezoidal footing length = 2m , B=1.7m D=0.5m and d- 0.15m. Can anybody help and calculate quantity of concrete by explaining all formulas involved.

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Trapezoidal footing length = 2m , B=1.7m D=0.5m and d- 0.15m. Can anybody help and calculate quantity of concrete by explaining all formulas involved.

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How many kilo-newtons equals 1000 kilogram?


How and where are aqueducts built?


what is the soil bearing capacity for a 5 floor multistorey residential building and which type of soil ? what is plinth beam? in wall load calculation center to center column distance is considered or not/


In a beam,stirrups are placed closely at ends than at centre due to shear.similarly where would ties be closer to each other-at center or at ends in a column and slab.


What is labor and material payment bond?


What is zoning permit?


hi, i am doing my third year and i want to have a job in Genpact...So can you help me which kind of job would be more appropriate for me in such a company and How should i prepare for an interview?


Which IS Code/American Code applied for coupler test of steel


How do we calculate the power of centrifugal pump?


if a pipe those configuration (ASTM c 76 class b 450mm dia 2500mm length) fixing for water course those lining of water is 7000 running meter. my question is that if 8 joints of pipe ls leakage and we have not permission to stop the water so which treatment we apply on joint in that in condition.


which software is better for design and analysis of buildings (stadd pro ) or (Etabs)


explain the rale of the government in the construction industry


reinforcement slab, beam and column formulas?


Prepare a Schedule for a Highrised building from starting stage to Handover?


How to calculate chejja reinforcement