Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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yet i am not got any hallticket from aai junior excequtive exam.any one got application form from aai.

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can any one give me sample question paper of BHEL at as i m appearing for the same exam.



can any give me bhel n other govt sec interview question

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What is a deep beam ? Explain ?


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What is the difference between "working stress method" And "limit state method"?

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What is the ratio of cement, sand, aggregate of mix M25

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What is CRMB ? And how it is beneficial to the service life of the road?


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How do you calculate the surface area of the paver blocks, in oreder to find out the compressive strength of the same ?? And which codes are used for testing of paver blocks ?

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Which code describes the tolerances limit for undulation in the roads or pavements ?


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What is the difference between the concrete mix design carried out by IS10262 and by ACI method ?



how do we find the nos of bricks in 1 m3 brick masonary


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Quantity of cement in kgs for different proportions and different thickness in plastering work per 1 sq.m. And how to estimate this quantities.

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Is there any change in IS code regarding location of laps for column reinforcement. Can we place staggered alls for column one floor lvl?

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Trapezoidal footing length = 2m , B=1.7m D=0.5m and d- 0.15m. Can anybody help and calculate quantity of concrete by explaining all formulas involved.

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Trapezoidal footing length = 2m , B=1.7m D=0.5m and d- 0.15m. Can anybody help and calculate quantity of concrete by explaining all formulas involved.

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How many square meter can a worker/labor demolish a structure per day?


5. Do you feel that your present employer estimates your full work potential? Are they pleased with your work performance?


Who name us Engineer & Why?


Civil engineering material testing Standard results


Prepare a Schedule for a Highrised building from starting stage to Handover?


how to calculate rate analysys of 1:6 plastering 10 sq m


What are your goals?


What is the difference between yeild strength and compressive strength of steel???


what are the strength theories for yeilding and fracture materials. state the theory more suited for 1. mild steel or 2. concrete


what is the use if we fixed butterfly ties in column and masonry work joint?....where we have to fix(distance)..


What are new methods /technologies of pothole patching?


how much of the strength comes from post-production curing


how much cement and sand required for 100sqm of wall plastering in different proportions


What is Density of cement, sand & aggregate ?


what are the layers of the national and heir aprox thickness??