Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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1. What type of job are you holding at the moment? Name of present / last employer?


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2. What are the advantages of your present job, things you like about it?


3. What are the disadvantages of your present job, things you do not like about it?


4. What is your philosophy / attitude towards work?

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5. Do you feel that your present employer estimates your full work potential? Are they pleased with your work performance?


6. What would your co-workers say about you?


7. Do you apply the skills and knowledge learnt at school in your work?

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8. What do you find more useful in your present work – your education or your practical experience from previous jobs or traineeships?

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9. What have you done to improve or develop your knowledge / professional qualifications in the last year?


10. Do you remain in good relationship with your previous employer / company where you no longer work /?

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11. What was the reason for you to quit your previous job?

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12. Have you ever been asked to leave a position?

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13. What are your expectations from this possible relocation to our company?

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14. List 3 of your strongest points as a worker?

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15. List 3 of your weakest points as a worker?

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Un-Answered Questions { Civil Engineering }

do you think we shall remove un wanted soil for foundation excavation even if the thickness of the soil strata is more than 8m ?


what is yield and tensile strength of steel, if steel has yeilding strength of 60 psi than how much its tensile strength?


For making a new road in a village having a school & hospital , tell the steps of construction systemically ?


Please design 12.5m long dubbly beam


In a concrete grade C35A, C & A stands for what and equalent cube strength?


Draw the cross section of a boundary wall and label its part with detailing?


can any one tell me in detail footing estimation .. i am new here in dubai so facing lots of problem...


what is the service corridor?


how to create our resume?


what is raft foundation


How to find out kg per Sft ?


Explain the term 'Gross unit rate' and identify the items that may be included in the gross unit rate.


how to calculate the length diamond shaped striupps in column


IS code for Rolling Margin of steel


How much form and scaffolding per cubic meter volume of concrete class ''A'', ''B'', and ''C''