Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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1. What type of job are you holding at the moment? Name of present / last employer?


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2. What are the advantages of your present job, things you like about it?


3. What are the disadvantages of your present job, things you do not like about it?


4. What is your philosophy / attitude towards work?

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5. Do you feel that your present employer estimates your full work potential? Are they pleased with your work performance?


6. What would your co-workers say about you?


7. Do you apply the skills and knowledge learnt at school in your work?

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8. What do you find more useful in your present work – your education or your practical experience from previous jobs or traineeships?

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9. What have you done to improve or develop your knowledge / professional qualifications in the last year?


10. Do you remain in good relationship with your previous employer / company where you no longer work /?

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11. What was the reason for you to quit your previous job?

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12. Have you ever been asked to leave a position?

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13. What are your expectations from this possible relocation to our company?

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14. List 3 of your strongest points as a worker?

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15. List 3 of your weakest points as a worker?

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Un-Answered Questions { Civil Engineering }

Minimum and maximum size of the building components


sir i want to know that in L & T construction can we do our 6 months training proggramme cum placement???????


how to calculate the dry wt of sand and cement for a required design mix?for ex:M20


Providing ,Cutting, bending and positioning of TMT Bar with cost of binding wire


How many Rod required for 58 feet by 24 feet roof slab which is supported by 5 * 3 = 15 Column. Six Stored building Roof Slab = ? Ton 15 Column = ? Ton Slab Beam = ? Ton


explain the advantages of total stasion


If we are providing concrete joint in every 10m with water stopper in water tank wall then is it necessary to cut the steel at joint section?


Basic questions of civil engineering


Where will be the maximum bending moment in a TEE Beam?


What is the difference between 53 grade and 43 grade cement


why we use aggregate,sand with cement in concrete?


What is limit state method and working stress method and ultimate method


How to calculate concrete in percentage wise ,for example cement 18% sand 40% aggregate 40% and Stell 2% ,I need and??


construction workers how much time take one work or qty


what is derating factor in cable? what does it mean if derating factor is high/low in terms of thermal resistivity of soil?