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five benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process


types of survey and levelling instrument ?


how many types of survey and what are levelling instrument?


Cemen-1 Fine agr.-2 Core agr.-3 calculate for per 100 qube feet (qubic feet wise)

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Are you interested in starting a fly ash brick making unit?

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what is that one cub metre plaster in cemant and fine sand

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Distinguation between Developing Length and Lapping Lengh

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Difference between tension and compression zone

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How to find the no. of main bar in circular footing (Central shaft of CLF)

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what is the quantity of concrete required in 1 cubic meter volume without reinforcement


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Cement coefficient used for Solid and hollow concrete blocks


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What is the proportion of M 45 grade of concrete

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How we can calculate cement and sand for a wall 25ft x 28ft.Thickness of wall is 9inches.


What is the meaning of M50,20? What is 50,what is 20


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std heights of c.p fitting from ffl like health faucet,wall mixer,shower arm,european commod,wall hanging commod etc.


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what are the layers of the national and heir aprox thickness??


How to calculate cement and river sand material Qty for waterproofing base coat and finish coat


I want to know the relevant IS codes of practice which deals with different testings of cement-sand mortar (nominal mix)that is being normally used for brick work or plaster work in the construction work.


sir, please send me the web address of chennai railway to know the online examresults of junior engineer[civil].


How should we design a brick column and footing?(note: no reiforcement to be provided) Can you tell me any reference book where i could possibly find this design? Plz help urgently


My daily concrete volume of M25 concrete is 1st day= 25 Cum 2nd Day = 45 Cum 3rd Day = 55 Cum 4th Day = 22 Cum 5th Day =72 Cum 7th Day = 49 Cum. What will be acceptance criteria of concrete considering as per is 456 cl.15 and table 11 (cl 16.1 and 16.3).


what are the duties of Site Engineer in work site?


material used for mendrel use to bend epoxy coated rebar


Actually i am confused that how to calculate the bending moment for a semi-circular beam and curved slab.If any one have a good idea about the matter,please give the answer with a suitable example. Thank you......


five benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process


Can anybody explain with the help of sketeches that what are 2legged , four legged & 6legged stirrups and how to calculate cut length of diamond ring(stirrups)?


how can we calculate steel value, depending on load


Find out Cutting Length of Steel for Right angle Triangle? Where Opposite Side 4m, Adjacent side 6m. (Assume cover 40mm)


How to design 12*12*14 room having rrc slab ,coloum, beam,foundation?


Explain the term 'Gross unit rate' and identify the items that may be included in the gross unit rate.