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std ht of wallmixer from ffl


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Minimum size of the particles of silt soil

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the size of one block is 390mm×190mm×190mm.then how much block will required for 4.6m × 3.4m wall.the thickness of wall is 190mm

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in 1:4,1:6 and 1:8 cement mortar mix how much water required? and find water cement ratio?

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How to calculate concret slab? W l t(4mts*5*2fts) ratio m25 grade pls tell me procedure

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What is difference between target mean strength and compression strength of concrete?

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What is the pet difference between bent up bar and cranked bar ?

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use 1:1.5:3 concrete footing size 9'9" *9'9" and square 12" and also trapezoidal 22" use of 4 columns. calculate how much amount f concrete use. and also tell me the details about course aggregate and fine aggregate and cement bags use .(note; 20mm coures aggregate use)


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Till how many days can we keep a cement bag without using? And on what conditions the cement will get spoiled?

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Whats the standard thickness of 20'/30' wide rcc service road and what will be the estimated cost per cubit feet

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What is the correct position of lapping splice of reinforcement steel bars in a beam at top & bottom of the beam?? what is the reason for this location?..what are the factors affecting lapping location in beam?


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what are the functions of wall

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1 cft have 13.5 No of Bricks, can someone help me to answer me for it's mathematically proof?

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What is the use of water table & Kreb stone for drain


How do you finishing structure....any one structure ....



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Which prize is the alternative to the NOVEL Prize?


what values & beliefs have guided you in your career path


what is pqc


what will happen if one could not properly follow the spacing of slab reinforcement bar?


How can calculate the requirement of steel bars of rcc slab for 1100 sq ft?


how to calculate Rate of analysis for 100 m3 Any ratio of concrete ? including labour


What is meaning of FREE STANDING STAIRCASE ?


what is smart building materials?


how to preaper for interview wat they asked in interview give me idea


what is the depth of a pile foundation??density of wood?? nominal mix ratios for different grades of concrete? effect of earthquake on structures? bending moment and shear force diagrams and also learn to find out the is under water concreting done??


what are the types of dimensioning?


How to calculate carrying capacity of the existing water supply trunkmain


what course did you consider thinking before you enrolled in college?


How to Know that veriation acceptable in CPWD Work Of 1:6 Cement Mortor Received Lab test report.


why we create short columns under grade slab?