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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how much unit weight of an RCC Box 3.0mX3.0m will be of design mix concrete M30

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for 16mm thick cement plastring 1:6 on 100 Sq.m.New brick work,the quantity of cement required is.

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Formula of area of crane hook


Curvature ki quantity kaise nikalte hai pls give me ans... curvature canal ka hai

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How much kg or MTs of steel is required for construction of the building of 1000 sqmt.

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how we can estimate the M50 concrete for foundation?

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Ihave 230mm *115mm * 75mm brick calculation in cft and 115mm brick calculation in sft

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what is the standard size of brick available in site in mm

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what is the meaning fe in steel?

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What is the difference between Wraft and file foundation and where these are used ?

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Calculation of curtain wall of box culvert


why cracks develop at the upper corners of doors openings

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What will be the angle for hook in column ring for column size 600x750 mm bar size 10mm for ring

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specific gravity of sand, coarse aggregate, cement.

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What is the strength of 1:6:12 mix?


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length where bent up is made in slab of bridge from one end


how to tie 10 legged stirrups


please send me bhel questions on


What is eccentricity in laymans term Can't understand bookish language .please explain in easy way.


sir i want to know that in L & T construction can we do our 6 months training proggramme cum placement???????


How much is the curing time period?


How to calculate or what is the process of calculation for making 1Metre squre area by AAC Blok which quantity of Cement, Sand & Chips are to be required?


HOw much % of premium on DSR-2013 currently


how to absorb to site basic corrections? which are the important correction?


What is the maximum strength of cub compress strength in one cub testing


In an aggregate blending plant, water is sprayed before blending is performed. If the fine content in aggregate is as high as 25 %, will not the fines form into lumps / balls and distribution will not be uniform ? Further, the fines will stick onto the interior of pug mill and its content will be low. The mixed material is stockpiled for weeks / months before use. Will it not be better that blending is done in dry condition, and water will be added only during compaction at site. Please forward your comments and suggestions.


Why are pull-out tests performed for soil nails?


IS code for grade of concrete for bamboo lintel????


Critical Path Method is...


Why do we not deduct steel volume to find actual volume of concrete in practical as we have studied that,,, actual volume of concrete = volume of column- volume of steel pls explain with reference of IS code?????