Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how much unit weight of an RCC Box 3.0mX3.0m will be of design mix concrete M30

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for 16mm thick cement plastring 1:6 on 100 Sq.m.New brick work,the quantity of cement required is.

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Formula of area of crane hook


Curvature ki quantity kaise nikalte hai pls give me ans... curvature canal ka hai

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How much kg or MTs of steel is required for construction of the building of 1000 sqmt.

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how we can estimate the M50 concrete for foundation?

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Ihave 230mm *115mm * 75mm brick calculation in cft and 115mm brick calculation in sft

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what is the standard size of brick available in site in mm

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what is the meaning fe in steel?

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What is the difference between Wraft and file foundation and where these are used ?

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Calculation of curtain wall of box culvert


why cracks develop at the upper corners of doors openings

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What will be the angle for hook in column ring for column size 600x750 mm bar size 10mm for ring

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specific gravity of sand, coarse aggregate, cement.

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What is the strength of 1:6:12 mix?


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For Wet Mix Mecadam design what is Optimum moisture content


At one time what is the height of Lift for concreting for Bridge Piers Class B Loading and refer the code.


in 100 cft = 1350 bricks in 100 cft = ? bloks


What is the snap size in civil and how can we create it?


what will be density of a cement bag if its weight and volume are 50kg and 1.25 cft respectively???????


what are the forces acting on gantry girder


What is the method of soil replacement test?


Laying bitumen concrete 40mm thick using 0.1372 cum of 13.2 10mm metal ,0.2387 cum of 10 5mm metal...what did it means please explain me how much cum of 10 mm metal need?


Journal entry Gross salary 10000 Tax 1000 Employee contribution 2000 Employer contribution 2000


what will be the cost of thickness of 125mmor rcc measurement of 52x33.75 feet


how much one carpenter can doing shuttering of slab in one day


What is factor not to be taken in consideration in mix design?


does a civil engineer fresher supposed to know how to design rcc structure?


What is thumb rule in quality and quantity estimation of a Residential building??


what is the standard gradient or slope for drainage?