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Mix proportions of m30,m35,m40


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For m25 1:1:2 How to get the quantities of cement,sand,agg for thnks in advnce

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column at edge of a framed structure is uniaxial or biaxial. and is an interior column is biaxial

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cause of cylinder test failure


what is shear force 

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What is quantity of Cement and Sand required for the 1 cum brick masonry with 1:6 Ratio cement mortar.

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how can i calculate cement in brickwork


How many cement bags of 50Kgs will be required for 2600sqft terrace with thickness of 5".

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How can calculate cement quantity in brick work

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How to find weight of steel in kg if we know the area which is in m2? Following details are known to us, Area=125m² thk of slab=250mm Steel details:T12@200 PS:considering mesh top and bottom with X and Y direction


what is the wait of cement in different concrete mixes from M15 TO M50


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what is difference between design mix and nominal mix,where the design mix is used?

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In cement making,what is meaning of blend,fineness,density. 



what is preposition of M-5 grade

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Plan and schedule for 14 towers of 6 floors each with 6 flats on each floor?


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is it fair to recruit another prestressing agency once earlier agency has provided guide cone for post stressing the Concrete -I girders? It is observed that the bearing plate of another agency is not matching with the earlier one resulting in protruded strands after stressing from the face of girder. Kindly advice.


Stringer How many cm goes to landind


Reinforcement details at hinged joint


What is the density of Fiber reinforced concrete and give me the which fibers we can use in Concrete?


what is diversion?


what are the types of design? which type of method is used at what type of design & why?


what is concrete canvas?


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Could you please give me an answer to the mixing proportion of concrete M1 grade (sterngth of 1 MPa)?


Whats the standard thickness of 20'/30' wide rcc service road and what will be the estimated cost per cubit feet


what is the basic difference between Coloumn & Shear Wall


 Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed Preventive measures


how to calculate quantity of cement,sand & aggregate for u.c.r / r.r masonry in cm 1:6


do you think we shall remove un wanted soil for foundation excavation even if the thickness of the soil strata is more than 8m ?


Caching, Multithreading and RAMBUS are 3 methods for resolving the Bottleneck problem. Please give an explanation for each one (how are they resolve the problem?)