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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Mix proportions of m30,m35,m40


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For m25 1:1:2 How to get the quantities of cement,sand,agg for thnks in advnce

RPP Infra Projects,

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column at edge of a framed structure is uniaxial or biaxial. and is an interior column is biaxial

Era Infra Engineering, Tricom,


cause of cylinder test failure


what is shear force 

NLC Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited,

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What is quantity of Cement and Sand required for the 1 cum brick masonry with 1:6 Ratio cement mortar.

RPP Infra Projects, SIL,

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how can i calculate cement in brickwork


How many cement bags of 50Kgs will be required for 2600sqft terrace with thickness of 5".

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How can calculate cement quantity in brick work

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How to find weight of steel in kg if we know the area which is in m2? Following details are known to us, Area=125m² thk of slab=250mm Steel details:T12@200 PS:considering mesh top and bottom with X and Y direction


what is the wait of cement in different concrete mixes from M15 TO M50


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what is difference between design mix and nominal mix,where the design mix is used?

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In cement making,what is meaning of blend,fineness,density. 



what is preposition of M-5 grade

Montag Infrastructure,

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Plan and schedule for 14 towers of 6 floors each with 6 flats on each floor?


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What are wooden shingles?


Difference between lime, distemper and plastic emulsion?


How can you achieve soil enforcement?


how much to get of BRC lapping in full yield and half yield ?


What is zoning permit?


How its coming concrete grade M 20 means 1:2:4. how it coming 1:2:4.


hi every body..i have applied for RRB section engineers CIVIL.i wanna prepare for that,so can any one suggest me some books and where can i get the syllabus for this..i would be vry greatful if any one can help in this regard


can any one give me sample question paper of BHEL at as i m appearing for the same exam.


i need gate exam civil engineering question papers with answers


Which is the direction of negative angle?


Can anybody help by describing each and every step in short, used while giving a building layout by total station? Regards


Why does the pressure increase under soil?


What is limit state method and working stress method and ultimate method


we have a crushing plant and our product is experiencing flakiness and elongation over limit for granite. what is the solution to this problem? how can it be avoided and what to do differently? It is not ok for batching plants


What is the unit standard weight,thicknessof C.I>Pipe of various Dia upto200 MM(as per IS1538)