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can i make bricks using M10 grade concrete ? and what would be the cost of a brick if we use m10 grade concrete sand and aggregates ??


can we make bricks using m10 grade cement concrete and what would be the ratio of raw materials used and price per brick ?


How to find CN by using arcgis 9.3?


what is the quantity of cement sand and metal in a 1m^3 m15 standard concrete


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sir what is the mean of WBM

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how to calculate load bearing column


How to calculate no of 12 mm dia bars in a ton


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if i want to change the dia of some bar in a structure,then which formula should be used to find the spacing for the bar of new dia?


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How many bricks,sand,cement in 1m3 bricks masonary

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How many bricks,sand,cement in 1m3 bricks masonary

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What is the amount of cement,sand and course aggregate(jully)(in kgs) required for the RCC of an area of 450 square feet and 5 inch depth if the concrete mixing ratio is 1:2:4(cement:sand:jully)?your answer will be very helpful.

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if we get water mor from 28 days to the rcc concret is this better or have a damag

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what is the grade of lean concrete?

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how to calculate column load bearing? how many weight capacity in 1m3 concrete? pls answere me sir.

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How to measure the requirement of cement n sand for 12mm and 20mm plastering thanks in advance


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types of laps in column


why we are useing plastic under the lean concrete?and whts the advantage?


. Write a C program to perform following functions:- a. Declare one integer variable of all the storage classes. b. Print all the variables without assigning any values in tabular format. a. The tabular format must contain the variable name, type, storage class and printed value on the screen in RED color.


what is the difference between prime coat and tack coat in road construction


what is the percentage of silt in black cotton soil.?


Can you pl explain the procedure steps of singly and doubly reinforced beams in limit state method


what is the cost differene of a same structure when it is constructed with brick masonary, and when it is constructed with concrete as a frame structure.????????


Where will be the maximum bending moment in a TEE Beam?


What ingredients with% found in ppc cement??


What is the Tor steel Consumption for residential building G+24 footing (thum rule) ?


reinforcement slab, beam and column formulas?


sir how can we find the cement and sand required for making 4" drop


What is the diameter of the 3"inch nails?


What is the Roll of Water Bonding under VDF road?


What will be the exam pattern and syllabus for j.e post of haryana staff selection commision? Advt no. (02/2015) Some people says it would only be objective type question papers while others say it would be same as ssc (1 objective,1 conventional) ?? Please answer this question it is needfull to all.