Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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if we know load bearing capacity of the soil and building load falling in each footing, then how to choose the type of foundation??? and if it is shallow foundation then which type of shallow foundation should be choosen i.e either strip or isolated or raft or combined or cantilever footing???????


Onsite percentage wastage of Concrete, Rebar, Blockwork/Brickwork, Plaster, Floor tiles ??


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What is the minimum depth of a slab?

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1) one brass of stone aggregate 20mm is good for how much sq.ft. work of concrete beam and 2) one brass of river sand is good for how much sq.ft. work of concrete beam . if ration is 1:4:6. at the same time how many bags of cement will be required for same work if each bag is of 50 kgs . please help me.

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what is the ideal temparature for concrete?


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what are the major benefit in auto level?

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What should be the maximum allowable time for placing ready mix concrete? The specification requires concrete placement within 90 minutes of batching at the plant. What is the significance of this 90 minutes & should this be used as a rejection criterion? What effects does the concrete has after that time period?



How to Rectify deep crack formed on Brick Wall? Explain the method of rectify the defect?


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how do understand the plinth beam croos section diagram

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how do you calculate the quantity of steel,cement for plinth beam. (example size 41'*0.58'*1.08')


What is civgl engg?

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What is the name of instrument to find the camber of a road?

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what is calculation of cement, snd of 1:4 16mm,12mm plastring


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How to calculate the wall thickness of building?

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how much area can be platered by a mason for exterior


How much cement and sand are required for 1 square feet of plaster at a thickness of 15 mm at a ratio of 1:4?


I am doing a engineering contract with GOI. I have purchased certain material from outside Maharashtra and paid CST on that material @ 5.25%. Please intimate whether I will be liable for VAT or VAT on works contract or not.


Plasterers do how many sqm with spray plaster machine? By hand one mason does 10m2/day. How much they do in Dubai with spray plaster machines?


what is modular brick and it size


do you think we shall remove un wanted soil for foundation excavation even if the thickness of the soil strata is more than 8m ?


How much percentage of brick bats allowed in CD-75 bricks


a butt weld is specified by


20mm thick sand face plaster on walls consisting of 12 mm the backing coat of c.m.(1:3)and 8mm thick finished coat of c.m.(1:1)including scaffolding, watering, finishing etc complete please calculator with methyl et et r u


What is M40 _ TOR - EQ and B.F.S


how to identify the failure of building by expansive soils


Whats the meanig of ,'K' VALUE in the case of soil.....


i need the syllabus for the direcr recruitement of executive engineers in andhrapradesh


What is the nature of duties & responsibilites senior civil engineer ?what is self confident & satisfaction should be a senior civil engineer?


What is the zero value in quantity surveying