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For sloping slabs or sloping beams why the tension steel from either side of ridge is taken into compression zone of other side?


a) Difference between Ghol , Chimney & fly ash bricks b)Floor to floor height is 3m , rise=15cm , tread 20 cm , how to design staircase means steps landing


Difference between Ghol , Chimney & fly ash bricks b)Floor to floor height is 3m , rise=15cm , tread 20 cm , how to design staircase means steps landing

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What is meant by Rolling Margin? & which material will effect in this ?

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how do you calculate cubic meter to brass

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When you received a RA Bill of contractor at HO duly checked and certified by Site In-charge, How to know at a glance it is complete in order, do have any one checklist format in this regard.

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Brick size 230X115X150mm, how many bricks, quantity of sand, cement required to construct 10 sq mtrs of 115mm thick brick wall.


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what is the yield strength of M30 grade of concrete

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1. why we use inverted beam ? 2.why we use extra bar in beam ? 3.dimension in L-bar in column ,footing and beam

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how to caluclate sienerge qty in construction in ap



Pl answer. when we deduct 2d for cutting length of 90deg bend, whats the method of booking measurements as per IS code? whether cutting Length to be booked or something else?


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how to caluclate sienerge qty in construction in ap

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What is Fly Ash & Admixture & What is the purpose of mixing Fly Ash & Admixture to Design Mix? Tell the name of commonly used Admixtures


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what is permissible IRC limits of silt content in river sand in India

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What is the difference between Backfilling & Refilling in Earth Work Group Item ?

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What is the Roll of Water Bonding under VDF road?


Which is the indian standard code of line out. ? How much tolerance fot 1 mt lenght? Its challenge....


The 4 main factors to start a construction project are––


How to calculate laplength for 3 floors


can you give me the details of rate analysis of steel and concrete?


Dear Frds, How can i calculate the Steel for RCC Slab, Please provide one Example also, so that i can understand very well. Ex: Area: 1320.0 Sft.(44' X 30') Span: 15'(Default). Column Size: 9"X15"(6 No.s 12mm Rods) Please Provide Calculation Details. Thankyou. Satish


i need the syllabus for the direcr recruitement of executive engineers in andhrapradesh


how much cost of single coat 20mm thick plastering per sqre meter


how to determine the correctness of proportion used in cement mortor and various IS codes to determine the same?


which red: used in roof teping, then use only cement


As per Kandal suggestions, we have implemented rolling starts on 140 (+/- 5) degrees and we kept 3 rollars to complete the rolling before falling 125 degrees and the Aggregate AIV is below 22. But When the DBM bed is being rolled 3rd high viabration, (Before 1 plain & low ,2 high Viabrations), the aggregate is getting sharp edge agg. projections are damaged. As the literature is said that, the VG-30 Grade having better control the temp. susceptibility than Penetration grade. if so we could not get this problem at site. But we are facing on site. let me know.


mix design procedure for 1:6 cement mortar


What is portland cement


what happening if we casting HV shunt reactor foundation pad at 50cm height different time (One day difference)


I need model question papers for writing the Dubai municipality exam,for G+1