Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Spider cracks occur in beam bottom due to––


Slow setting admixture is used in mass concrete because of – –


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What are the precautions needs during concrete pouring in very hot weather?

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Direct chairs over shutter / beside earth is prohibited because of ––


what is thumb rule for calculating the size of ISMB required for a particular length of span


What are the functions of grout inside tendon ducts?

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What are the deshuttering time for Salb Beam Column RCC Wall Footing Staircase


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What is different type of bills?

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1.what is the mix proportion for cement soil compressed earth blocks? to calculate the mix proportion for cement stablised earth soil blocks?



Water cement mixing in hopper less mixture machine is better than hopper mixture machine because:

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Detection of a beam & a girder are––––


Key is put at the time of casting 1st lift of column to get– –

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what is mix design of sand cement and and aggrigate of M10 M20 M25..


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how can i test sand on field in lebortry?.


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bar bending schedule?

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what could be the production cost of 1 cum of concrete by CP30 plant


Hi all, please guide me about the volume. And percentage. Of steel fibre to be used. My project. Is Sifcon.


contractor receive 100 MT steel.after compliting the work the contractor refund 90 MT steel.How reconsilation of steel done?


60-70 grade of Bitumen is VG-30 ?


A super elevation of 60 cm has been provided on a 8m wide road and a curve of 260m radius .calculate the max.speed in km/hr of the vehicle that can be negotiated safely? Plz answer with full solution.thanx


is it fair to recruit another prestressing agency once earlier agency has provided guide cone for post stressing the Concrete -I girders? It is observed that the bearing plate of another agency is not matching with the earlier one resulting in protruded strands after stressing from the face of girder. Kindly advice.


how much repeitation for conventional and maivan formwork?


which has high compressive strength between hollow block and brick masonry?


what is the procedure involved in preparing mix design of m15 grade as per IS-10262-1982


how we check the thickness and line of ceiling plaster.


Spider cracks occur in beam bottom due to––


what is the cost difference of a same structure when it is constructed with brick masonary and when it is constructed with block masonary and concrete as a frame structure????????????????????????


is basic cost of the material includes tax?


What is the cost of formwork for columns/beams/rcc walls also what is the cost of shuttering for roof slab at height of 25 feet


What is the standard volume of pharma in cub ft