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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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The 4 main factors to start a construction project are––


07. 4 main points about check list for rebar works are– ––

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08. 4 main points about check list for Shuttering works are––– 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 09. 4 main points about check list for Concreting works are––– 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 10. 4 main points about check list for Plaster works are––– 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 11. 4 main points about check list for Brick works are–– – 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 12. 3 main points about Project delaying factors are––– 3 i) ii) iii) 13. Write down 60-grade M.S. deformed bar specification. 3 14. 3000 psi concrete means: 1 15. 4 main points about methods of wastage control are–– – 4 i) ii) iii) iv) 16. 1 main point about reasons for your honesty is : 1 17. Water cement mixing in hopper less mixture machine is better than hopper mixture machine because: 1 18. 2 main points about your role during roof casting are–––– 2 i) ii) 19. a. The weight of 3333m deform bar of 24.5 mm dia is…… 1 b. The weight of 300 rft plain bar of dia 1 is……. 1 20. The types of slumps are––– 3 i) ii) iii) 21. 4 main points about the causes of cylinder failure are––– 2 i) ii) iii) iv) 22. Detection of a beam & a girder are–––– 2 i) ii) 23. Curing is needed for–––– 1 24. The types of slabs in respect of size & shape are––– 5 In respect of size: i) ii) In respect of Shape i) ii) iii) 25. The types of Column in respect of size & shape are–– – 9 In respect of size: i) ii) In respect of Shape: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) 26. 3 field tests & 3 Laboratory tests of bricks are––– 6 Field tests: i) ii) iii) Lab test: i) ii) iii) 27. 2 field tests & 1 Laboratory tests of sand are––– 3 Field tests: i) ii) Lab test: i) 28. 1 field tests & 1 Laboratory tests of M.S rod are––– 2 Field tests: i) Lab test: i) 29. a. The % of water absorbs by brick chips: …………… 1 b. The % of water absorbs by Stone chips: …………… 1 30. In respect of design: 5 a. The % of strength gains by concrete in 28 days= b. The % of strength gains by concrete in 14 days= c. The % of strength gains by concrete in 07 days= d. The % of strength gains by concrete in 03 days= e. The % of strength gains by concrete in 28 days without curing =

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Which standard describes the tolerance limit for undulation of RCC wall/ after POP surface?

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how much cement is contained in 1:5 ratio 4" brickwork for 1 sqft

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for solid cement brick without fly ash,we use dust,6mm,12 mm jelly,water my question is what Proportion we mix dust,6mm,12 mm jelly,water ? for good strength brick.

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what is the material consumption of 1:2:4 by kilogram?

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Where are u provide laps in columns & beams?

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what is the ratio of m50 grade in concrete block

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what is mean of buld density


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8mm.2l@7" c/c in footing column drawing,mean of 2l,4l in the Column drawing please answer give with example,thankyou,


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how to calculate steel for beam of simple home and for heavy buliding ? explain me briefly


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what is meant by belt in house construction?

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Is there any possibility of changing in dia of bar from lower to higher (i.e Lower dia bar at bottom and Higher dia bar at top)

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how to check and keep control on the wastage of material at site

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How did street originate in the plumbing term street ell?


i need gate exam civil engineering question papers with answers


specifications of fe500 steel


Difference between lime, distemper and plastic emulsion?


Who designed the city of washington dc?




How to calculate quantity of plum masonry in 1:3:7


What is meant by solid geometry?


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How to calculate the area of a irregular sized land in square feet?and what will be the total area of this land South-51.1ft , North-47.7ft , East-53.3ft , West-54ft ?please explain me how to calculate?


Hi my name is Binyam and I'm a 7th grader at Mayfield Woods Middle school. I decided to research civil engineering as my career and i need to know a few thing about your profession. What is your daily routine? What are some advantages and things you like about your job? What are some disadvantages What is the hardest thing you have done? What education have you gone through to become a civil engineer? How long is your work day? What is your work environment like? What is your salary? What made you want to become an engineer? What tools do you you use? Thank you for answering my questions


types of laps in column


cement required for construction of 400mm*200mm*200mm concrete solid blocks for 1sq.mtrs,how?


Suggest how many column, beem, etc required for 30 mtrs x 21 mtrs width x 8mtrs height for industrial shed of ground floor. I want to know the quantity of tmt steel consumption and Concrete consumption for budgeting


what is the use of steel rods of 16mm or 20mm used for 4.45mts for closing mate consumes how many kgs with a gap of 6inches.