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C&C Interview Questions
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Kindly answer the two question. Which of the following is not a nucleon? (A) Proton (B) Neutron (C) Electron (D) Positron Silver halides are used in photographic plates because they (A) Oxidised in air (B) Soluble in hyposolution (C) Reduced by light (D) Totally colourless

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how much cement is contained in 1:5 ratio 4" brickwork for 1 sqft

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How to calculate the force on a column of three story building. What should be the base concrete height?.


how much bentonite powder mix in 1000ltr fresh water with detail.

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Table1: Col1 col2 1 2 10 3 4 89 5 6 Table:2 Col1 col2 3 2 9 5 4 7 6 87 With the help of table1 and table2 write a query to simulate the fallowing results. Output1: Col1 col2 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 Output2: Col1 col2 2 3 10 4 5 89 6 7 1.Write query for single row to multiple row using sql statements. Eg:a,b,c,d,e,f Change to A B C D E F 2. Write query for multiple row to single row using sql statements. Eg2 A B C D E F Change to Eg:a,b,c,d,e,f Table1: Col1 col2 8 5 2 9 4 2 5 1.Write a query to select all the rows from a table1,if the value of A is null then corresponding B’s value should be printed in A’s value.if the value of A is null in that table then corresponding B’s value should be printed as 30. 2. write a query to find the sum of A and B .display the max among both. 3.write a query to find total number of rows from table 1. Note: if any column value is null in a row then that row should be considered as 2 rows. 4.write a query to display all the records of table1 except A containg 2 as well B containg 5. 5.rewrite the fallowing without using join and group by. Select b.title,max(bc.returneddate –bc.checkoutdate)” mostdaysout” From bookshelf_checkout bc, Book shelf B Where bc.title(+)=b.title Group by b.title. 6.rewrite fallowing query Select id_category from category_master X where exists (select 1 from sub_category Y where X.id_category=Y.id_category) Customer: Name phone1 phone2 phone3 bitwise A 23456 67890 12345 --- B 67459 89760 37689 --- Don’t_call Col1 67890 37689 1.q) update the customer table of bitwise with 1 or 0. Exists in don’t_call table menas show -1 Other wise -0. Output. Name bitwise A 010 B 010


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