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Jain Group Interview Questions
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what is recruitment,objective,function,process,duties,kinds etc


What are the advantages and disadvantages of modem

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i am B.Pharm Graduate preparing for Drug Inspector exam 2009.i would like to get some model question papers,no problem if it going to be from other state also.plz send to my email id thanks, priya

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M20 Grade ratio? M30 Grade ratio? M40 Grade ratio ?

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write the formula for finding dimension of bearing from bearing number

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how to check and keep control on the wastage of material at site


what is mean by centrifugal force which is act in vehicle on superelevation of road?

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a wall having area 100 sqft and bricks size 19cm*9cm*9cm so how many bricks required...

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 rcc floor to floor  4m. in column reinforcement where we provide lap in exact location.     


how much wall area covered by 1 kg of lapi(putty)

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