Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the difference between volume and weight batching and which is better?


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what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height.


what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height.

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difference between nominal mix and design mix difference between nominal size and actual size of brick,aggregate etc


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why wire mesh is used in plastering

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what is unit weight of steel


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what is meant by shear center?????



why cracks are being developed in a structure? any specific reason? is there any remedial solution?

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what is the coefficient for running feet to cft coversion both area and price


How can I calculate the Compressive strength of cubes after 28 days of curing?Is there any formula or ration ?

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As shown in IS 456-2000 minimum cement content is include fly ash?

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for a column of size 400*230mm column reinforcement= 8-20x(cant write the symbol,i hope u guys undersstand,something like (fi) column stirups=8x@(4l) 230c/c 1)what does these mean 2)how to calculate quantity of steel for this column(ceiling height 11 ft)


How to use of me trial wall plaster 6mm , 10mm par sqm. use in sand and cement ?



How many bag of cement used in all type of RCC

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how many materirials in 1 m3 concrete

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how much cost of single coat 20mm thick plastering per sqre meter


how much cement sand n bricks required in im3?and how much in plaster?


. Write a C program to perform following functions:- a. Declare one integer variable of all the storage classes. b. Print all the variables without assigning any values in tabular format. a. The tabular format must contain the variable name, type, storage class and printed value on the screen in RED color.


Providing and casting in situ cement concrete M-25 of trap/granite/quartzite/gneiss metal for rcc, Providing formwork,Curing the concrete and Complete. what is rate per Cum. and what is rate for M-30 Grade Concrete.


What is the standard specification of MOR and Water Absorption of Homogenous Ceramic Floor Tiles?


What is the Roll of Water Bonding under VDF road?


how much required strength of cement concrete bricks(size 230x115x75mm)


Describe about the Pile test methods, which are used in Industrial & Multistory Buildings in general.


Required concret Surface Temperature prior to coating of epoxy pain with references ASTM or ACI whatever


undistributed samples are obtained by


what is the dimensions of river sand truck trailer or trolly ?


We are into industrial flooring (epoxy flooring) business. We buy material from manufacturers.We supply and laying the to companies. In our billing what tax/ taxes to be claimed from companies? Are we applicable for only WCT or any else?


how many time use of plywood shuttering and IS code


Some one plz help me sir ..m gonna start my g 2 rcc building i have a simple design and i want material estimate plz sir help me.someone plz mail to blue print .thnq


How much qty of stone ; sand; cement in R/R stone masonry of 136 CUM