Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the difference between volume and weight batching and which is better?


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what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height.


what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height.

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difference between nominal mix and design mix difference between nominal size and actual size of brick,aggregate etc


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why wire mesh is used in plastering

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what is unit weight of steel


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what is meant by shear center?????



why cracks are being developed in a structure? any specific reason? is there any remedial solution?

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what is the coefficient for running feet to cft coversion both area and price


How can I calculate the Compressive strength of cubes after 28 days of curing?Is there any formula or ration ?

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As shown in IS 456-2000 minimum cement content is include fly ash?

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for a column of size 400*230mm column reinforcement= 8-20x(cant write the symbol,i hope u guys undersstand,something like (fi) column stirups=8x@(4l) 230c/c 1)what does these mean 2)how to calculate quantity of steel for this column(ceiling height 11 ft)


How to use of me trial wall plaster 6mm , 10mm par sqm. use in sand and cement ?



How many bag of cement used in all type of RCC

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how many materirials in 1 m3 concrete

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what will be the cost of thickness of 125mmor rcc measurement of 52x33.75 feet


how to calculate total cost for slab 35'×8'


what is the use of steel rods of 16mm or 20mm used for 4.45mts for closing mate consumes how many kgs with a gap of 6inches.


which method is used in semi-rigid connection design??


to draw bm diagrams for portal frames under different loadings//


2nd and 4rt angle elevation used in which country ?


i have span of 6m x 4m how do i calculate the reinforcement of steel i needed and to at what distance and also the thickness of slab. looking forward thank you RAVI


How to fix toll charge for a particular vehicle at toll booths in a highway?


how to identify the failure of building by expansive soils


What is unit weight of roadway layer.. 1.bitumen 2.sand 3.soil 4.concrete 5. aggregate give me some reference for this answers


suppose we have a tendency to make a hole on the surface of the simple supported beam, than where we goes to make it?


Design a reinforced concrete combined footing (rectangular) for two columns located 3.60 metres apart. The overall sizes of the columns are 40cm x 40cm and 69cm x 60cm and the loads on them are 1000 kn and 1500 kn respectively. The space available for the width of the footing is restricted to 180cm. The S.B.C. of the soil is 280 kn/mm2 use M15 concrete.


what is tension footing?


For sloping slabs or sloping beams why the tension steel from either side of ridge is taken into compression zone of other side?


what is castigliano theaorem