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what is the difference between volume and weight batching and which is better?


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what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height.


what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height.

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difference between nominal mix and design mix difference between nominal size and actual size of brick,aggregate etc


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why wire mesh is used in plastering

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what is unit weight of steel


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what is meant by shear center?????



why cracks are being developed in a structure? any specific reason? is there any remedial solution?

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what is the coefficient for running feet to cft coversion both area and price


How can I calculate the Compressive strength of cubes after 28 days of curing?Is there any formula or ration ?

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As shown in IS 456-2000 minimum cement content is include fly ash?

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for a column of size 400*230mm column reinforcement= 8-20x(cant write the symbol,i hope u guys undersstand,something like (fi) column stirups=8x@(4l) 230c/c 1)what does these mean 2)how to calculate quantity of steel for this column(ceiling height 11 ft)


How to use of me trial wall plaster 6mm , 10mm par sqm. use in sand and cement ?



How many bag of cement used in all type of RCC

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how many materirials in 1 m3 concrete

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I am in India. Employer A got approval for my H1. But they have no job for me now. Company B is going to file H1 for me. They do not know about company A. Is there any way that I get approved H1 of company A transferred to Company B?


weight of 1 cft 10mm, 20mm, 40mm aggregate weight of 1cft course sand


20 mpa what is the quantity of cement sand and aggregate in one cubic meter of pcc non rainforcement concreate kindly answer including formaula thanks


what motivates you to do a good job


How about the temperature of grade 35A concrete? Does it depend on the ambient temperature?


I am a civil engineering student and going to attend interview in this week in an IT company.Will they ask me questions about my area of interest or cs


Water filter calculation formula


I want to change job.If You have any vacancy please contact me in this mail partha mitra.Diploma in civil engineer with 4+ yrs. exp.Now in kolkata.If you confirm me then I will send my detail resume to you.Also send your mail id to me.My mail id will be very much thankful to you.


beam length 73 feet 4 inch,width 01 feet,height 50 inch so every beam load how much? and what quantity of M.S ROD? both side ony two column in middle no column.pls inform me that this is stable or not ? and how much risk of this beam?


Curvature ki quantity kaise nikalte hai pls give me ans... curvature canal ka hai


can you please tell me what the current rate of construction material and different construction labourers charge in bangalore ???


How to do base isolation using ETABS software?


a solid steel rod length 2m dia and 20mm vertically hangs from celling and has a collar firmly atteched to it. above the collar an annular rubber washer of 40mm th. having stifness k = 5n/mm is placed. determine maximum stress in the rod caused by mass of 5 kg falling through a height of 1.2m.


what is SDLC ?and write a 'c'program for to swapping the three numbers?


what are the values of compressieve strenght?