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what is the difference between volume and weight batching and which is better?


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what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height.


what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height.

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difference between nominal mix and design mix difference between nominal size and actual size of brick,aggregate etc


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why wire mesh is used in plastering

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what is unit weight of steel


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what is meant by shear center?????



why cracks are being developed in a structure? any specific reason? is there any remedial solution?

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what is the coefficient for running feet to cft coversion both area and price


How can I calculate the Compressive strength of cubes after 28 days of curing?Is there any formula or ration ?

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As shown in IS 456-2000 minimum cement content is include fly ash?

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for a column of size 400*230mm column reinforcement= 8-20x(cant write the symbol,i hope u guys undersstand,something like (fi) column stirups=8x@(4l) 230c/c 1)what does these mean 2)how to calculate quantity of steel for this column(ceiling height 11 ft)


How to use of me trial wall plaster 6mm , 10mm par sqm. use in sand and cement ?



How many bag of cement used in all type of RCC

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how many materirials in 1 m3 concrete

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I have certain queries, please help to solve. a) length of pile bore is 4m.excavation quantity will be area * length where area will be pi/4 * dia*dia. Is this right? b) It is a single reamed pile of 300m dia and reamed dia is 750mm. can any body help me to calculate excavated quantity of this bulb(reamed section),, concrete quantity in bulb with showing the formulas to be used?


which steel is better for residential building tmt steel or hysd steel


The internal dimensions of a wire house 15m*5.6m and the maximum height of piles is 2.70m. What is the maximum number of bags to be stored in two piles ?


What out turn civil works


how statics is different from dynamics


what is yield and tensile strength of steel, if steel has yeilding strength of 60 psi than how much its tensile strength?


detailed calculation of the amount of cement used?


can you please tell me what the current rate of construction material and different construction labourers charge in bangalore ???


step by step procedure to find out the percentage of steel in coloum,beam,slab,footing in detailed


how much cement and sand consuptin in 4 inch siporex walls 100 sq ft


How to determine thee cut length for steel reinforcement bars in R.C.C design


how to calculate Rate of analysis for 100 m3 Any ratio of concrete ? including labour


For elevated service Reservoirs what will be the output of each skilled carpenter and bar bender.


What is the difference between EPC,DBOOT and BOOT.


Exterior Joints,define