Engineering Interview Questions
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what do you mean by stalling of aircraft?


What will be MF if we have CT ratio is 130 of 3 nos?

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what is the VA(Volt-amphere)? define with calculation?


what is kvarh? Please define it With calculation General motors ?


Name one of major transformer company in KSA ?


what is interpose? where it is used and why it is used?


what is the role of energy meter in distribution system ?


Explain about technical and non technical losses in distribution system?


the winding of Generator and Motor is star or in delta ? and why


What is the difference between PS & metering CT (5p20,0.5 etc.)? Why in PS class CT only Vk is given ? Is PS class CT is more accurate than metering CT?


What are the Full Forms of TVM, MTL, CVT ?


Main CT ration is 400/5, meter CT ratio is open type: -/5A. What is the Multiplying factor of the meter, considering same PT ratio.

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whats the abbreviation of IOP? is it instrument of power or input open problem?


Which is the first indian communication satellite?

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What is space?


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List out the types of roofs?


What is the difference between "type testing" and "product qualification"?


What is the method of estamating of cable, CB,MCB ?


Explain the difference between a multiplexer and encoder? Also what is the between demultiplexer and decoder?


How to calculate fault level of 11 KV system


Explain what is an operational amplifier?


What is meant by cold loop test in instrument


Guroscope works on the basis of what?


Explain in details how you would react to an unexpected incident when your supervisor or manager is not around to give instructions?


GWR radar transmitter working principle?


hi friends, i got selected in tcs, i m doing my b.e in one of the college in coimbatore.. i don have questions to post u.. but i have valid suggestion..its waste to prepare apti for tcs by looking at last 10 year question from internet.they changed all the apti question this year(2009).. but apti questions is easy..prepare critical reasoning for gre 12th edition..mug up the answers in critical reasoning.. u can download ebook for gre 12th edition..solve the critical reasoing question at the same time mug up it.. there were totally 3 critical reasoning question asked.. two for gre 12th edition so if u mug up u can finish two questions in 3 min.. so u will have 27 min for other question so u can work it out and find the ans..above i mentioned as 3 questions tat is 3 question means ,three paargraph.. each para carries 4 question so totally 12 question in critical reasoning.. if u clear all 12 question u will be selected.80% percent sure.then don mug up synonyms from gre barron because they are asking same question from barron but the choice for the questions are changed.. so study synonyms and antonyms from internet.. some pupils have posted the questions.. in tech and h r don use complex word or don show tat u r so dminant.. talk with them how u will speak wit ur friend. u will be through.. don think wat i have posted above is lik some info in other site.. wat i said is true.. they changed apti tis time.. u will be selected if u follow wat i said..again i m saying pls concentrate on critical reasoning.. if all questions in it are right u r through..bye


what is the minimum requirement gigaohms for the insulation test using 5kv in 300mm xlpe cable


Which material grade is better for low temperature application upto -20 deg C either IS 2062 GR B OR IS 2062 GR C ?


What do you mean by bond? What are the different types of bonds?


How to calculate the cement consumption in RR Masonry in CM 1:8 for the foundation of Ground Level Reservoir