Organic Chemistry Interview Questions
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In describing structure of benzene, by molecular orbital treatment, either MOT or VBT explains its structure?

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What is conjugated system?

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What is the mechanism for sulphonation of benzene by oleum?

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What is the structure of CO2 and CO?

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What is the effect of halogen on reactivity of benzene ring and what is the reason for decreasing reactivity?

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What are the least number of pi electrons possible in an aromatic compound.

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What is difference between anti-aromatic and non-aromatic compounds?

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Which organic compound is used as a fuel in jet air crafts? a. 100 octane b. 90 octane c. Kerosine oil d. Diesel oil

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What is organic metal?


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15% Naoh molarity in a given 1liter of soluton

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how to make a 100ml solution with given 10gm of naoh

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What is the difference between PVC and uPVC plastic?

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How we can differentiate between oxalic acid and tartaric Acid?

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what Mean By Organic Chemistry

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we shall use Dichloromethane in last stage of API.



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sir, what does happen ............? naphthal+benzene(or)toluee........> ?


Which form of Sucores is harmfull to humans ?


what are the differences between assay procedures and estimation in chemical analysis? also what is the equivalent factor that we consider in assay analytical procedures?


hi i am siva icompleted m,sc in organic chemistry in 2008&working as alecturer can u send me the interview qusetions with answers . i expected that i got 135 - 140 marks is there any chance to get selection my interview is on may 7th 2010


I need organic mixture analysis viva questions & answers


why we need to synthesize impurities of midazolam


how to prepare for the exam of ongc please give some idea


wtat type quations will be sak in ongc exam?


(CH2)n + nO2. ---->Co2 + nH2O + energy what is this mean with details


Any one is alembic pharmaceutical ltd. On starting to job ?


what things are suitable for investigatory project?


hi, i want last 10 years ongc exam recruitment papers for subject in chemistry ,genaralknowladge.


what are stereomers? how are they classified?


What is the accepted microbial load in APIs as per USP.........?


how we change 0.1N KmNo4 solution to 0.01N KmNo4 solution.