Organic Chemistry Interview Questions
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How many stereoisomers of phenylpropylene oxide are there?


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How many isomers have the name bromomethylcyclopentane?

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Pure (S)-2-butanol has a specific rotation of +13.52 degrees. A sample of 2-butanol prepared in the lab and purified by distillation has a calculated specific rotation of +6.76 degrees. What can you conclude about the composition?

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Trimethylamine is a pyramidal molecule. What is the hybridization at nitrogen?


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which functional groups are present in cortisone?

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How many degrees of unsaturation are there in benzene?

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What are the major products formed when acetic acid and ethanol are added to water and the pH is adjusted to 7.0?

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What organic compounds have the basic formula (CH2O)n?

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What kind of bonds link amino acids?

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How many different types of carbon signals would be observed by 13C-NMR?

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Which are the longest living cells in the body?

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what is I.R.

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What Is The Composition Of Benedict's Solution


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what is the chemical composition of trommer's test?

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What are acounting Pi electron's?

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How to synthesize methylene bisthiocyanate using CH2Cl2 and NaSCN?


why we not use caffeine at 205nm for hplc calibration?


how do you make a amine sugar


we shall use Dichloromethane in last stage of API.


chlorination of methane is possible and a mixture of products are obtained. Is flourination and Bromination of methane is possible?


Active Ingredients in septilin ??


Why do we use vaccum in Loss on drying test?


Which form of Sucores is harmfull to humans ?


What is the difference between the photochemical reaction and photo-dynamic reaction?


Any one is alembic pharmaceutical ltd. On starting to job ?


Explain Thiele's structure for benzene. What is the difference between thiele's structure and modern structure (resonance hybrid) of benzene?


How to find peaks in ftir chromatography


Assuming that the density of the solution is the same as the density of water (density of water=1.000g/ml), calculate the mass of water for both reactions using: mass of water = Volume of water Density of water. Mass of water =


What is a repartition coefficient?