Organic Chemistry Interview Questions
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Duralumin is used for making a]Permanent magnets b]Light instruments c]Utensils d]Aircrafts

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How to determine water content of Light diesel Oil ?

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how to pd(2) to pd(0) in suzuki reaction

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hai I am willing to do M Sc chemistry Can anyone please suggest me the books i want to prepare and good coaching institute in HYderabad.

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what is king of chemicals?


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why we can store nitric acid in aluminium container

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what is the defferance between ion and an ion

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What is difference between Base and Nucleophile?

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What is more polar hexane or cyclohexane. Why?

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seminal on pyrimidine


What is the oxidation state of Cr in CrO5?

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how convert toludin in benzoic acid

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what is the pH of benzene?why pH is not below 1

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why carbon is not heterocyclic compound?&why oxygen is heterolytic compound?

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How can we separate Acetonitrile from Methanol


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whether ter weight is require when doing the water standerdisation


Arrange the following in their increasing polarity order Carboxylic acid, hydroxyl, phenyl, amino and aldehyde


Why we are use glass viscometer, and what is calculation manual calculation formula as per USP. How many types of viscometre in glass type viscometer.


how do you make a amine sugar


What is the difference between cracking, pyrolysis, destructive distillation, hydroforming, carbonization and dry distillation?


what happens to the unit particles of a solute when it dissolves on a liquid?


Explain Thiele's structure for benzene. What is the difference between thiele's structure and modern structure (resonance hybrid) of benzene?


(CH2)n + nO2. ---->Co2 + nH2O + energy what is this mean with details


sir, what does happen ............? naphthal+benzene(or)toluee........> ?


which question ask me in grasim in inerview?


Suppose we prepared pH buffer solution in lab.and calibrate against NIST solution, and same shall going to used upto 30 days. is it possible to stable pH and appearance? suggest?


what is the purpose of using cyclhexane in synthesis?


naphtha and hexane mixture can be used a fuel or not


can you pls provide chemistry previous papers for the post of trainee chemist in ap genco


why we not use caffeine at 205nm for hplc calibration?