Organic Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is functionality of polymer? how can we get theoretical and practically?

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What is the accepted microbial load in APIs as per USP.........?


what are the checklist need to maintain in API manufacturing area as per USP requirements.......?


Purified water Microbial load limits as per USP..........?

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why antharacene use hplc calibration

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hardness of distilled water

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Why a Na lamp is used in a polarimeter ?

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why are prepare daily working standard in ft ir


hplc assay limit 98.0 to 105 why

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uv,ri,pda detactor principles ?

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ex:this product used c18 column but same product used c8 column what happend ?

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what are stereomers? how are they classified?

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why we not use caffeine at 205nm for hplc calibration?

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why we use 254nm for caffeine analysis as it having maxima at different wavelength?

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whenever kf titration is done that time one result is high and second one lower  results what to do.

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Discuss the potential medical applications of Protactinium isotopes in cancer treatment or imaging techniques.


Protactinium-233 is used in the thorium fuel cycle. Explain how this cycle operates and its potential benefits in nuclear energy production.


write short note on stero electronic factor, steric control factor and product control factor


Describe the process of Actinium extraction from its primary sources and how it's obtained for various applications.


Any one is alembic pharmaceutical ltd. On starting to job ?


Can we consider in purity angel


What is a proteic unit?


whether ter weight is require when doing the water standerdisation


Explain the process of obtaining Protactinium from its primary sources and its purification methods.


What is the difference between cracking, pyrolysis, destructive distillation, hydroforming, carbonization and dry distillation?


Is napthalene aromatic?


How do you explain the different solvent power of water and other organic solvent?


Actinium-227 has a long half-life and emits alpha particles. How can this property be harnessed in radiation detectors or other monitoring devices?


how to prepare for the exam of ongc please give some idea


What is the accepted microbial load in APIs as per USP.........?