Bio Chemistry Interview Questions
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What are the two types of confirmation of a cyclohexane ring?

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What is the phenomenon of Acrolein test?

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Explain Cloverleaf model of the t-RNA base sequence of yeast alanine?

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What are isozymes?

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What are the common features of active site?

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how do u synthesise phenanthrene alkaloids?

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what is the opposing rolling circle model of DNa?

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What is the ping-pong mechanism regarding to enzyme reactions?

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Explain the principle of ultracentrifuge?

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What are Neurotransmitters?

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What is the chemical structure of hyaluronic acid?

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What is the importance of metabolic water?

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What is le bel-van?t Hoff rule?

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What is the action of dicoumarol?

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How are free energy, equilibrium and spontaneity related to each other?


How is the actual free energy change for a process related to the standard free energy change?


During a heart attack, blood flowing to the heart muscle is interrupted by blockage of a coronary artery. How would you expect the metabolism in the heart to change?


When it functions as a "second messenger", cAMP a) acts outside the cell to influence cellular processes. b) acts "second in importance" to AMP. c) activates all cytosolic protein kinases. d) activates the cAMP-dependent protein kinase.


why ph is not more than 14?


How are reaction rates dependent upon free energy changes?


What is the structural formula of molybdenum blue?


"Tell me about a job that you found particularly satisfying. What did you like about it?


How does hplc differ from normal column chromatography, and what are its advantages?


why we use 96 well plate in ELISA plate reader?


What are species grow in waitland?


Hi, I am venkat. I am done with M.Sc Medical Biochemistry in the year 2007. I got rejected 3 times at US consulate, and the reason they say is why are you going agian for PG when you have already done PG, and they are not ready to get convinced only on this issue.


what is QC and why is impotent in pathology lab


The nucleophile in the first stage of the serine protease mechanism is a) H2O b) the carboxyl of Asp 102 c) the hydroxyl of Ser 195 d) the imidazole of His 57


What are the structures of the products of this reaction, and how are they identified?