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what is ninhydrin reaction?how it is useful?

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what is ninhydrin reaction?how it is useful?..

Answer / akhila

this is a reaction of aminoacid with triketohydrindene
ninhydrin=indane-1,2,3-trione hydrate
it is a powerful oxidising agent and causes oxidative
decarboxylation of alpha aminoacids producing co2 ,nh3 and
an aldehyde with one less carbon atom than the parent amino
the reduced ninhydrin reacts with the liberated nh3 and a
mole of ninhydrin forming blue coloured ruheman's complex.
this is known as ninhydrin reaction.

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what is ninhydrin reaction?how it is useful?..

Answer / sunilreddy.vancha

A test for proteins, peptones, peptides, and amino acids
possessing free carboxyl and alpha-amino groups in which
ninhydrin reacts with such compounds to produce a blue

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what is ninhydrin reaction?how it is useful?..

Answer / swetha

Ninhydrin test is used for detection of amino acids,proteins
obviously this is the best method for detection of amino acids.
NINHYDRIN REAGENT+amino acids=blue color reaction

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