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Automobile Engineering Interview Questions
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My Isuzu common rail 4Hl 1-1 tipper caught to flood & water absorb to engine through air intake line (air cleaner) then I put new pistons, rods everything its needed. But now when I start the engine its try to start with normal starting sound. I try to start until battery getting low, but nothing happen. What can I do? Please help me to resolve this problem.

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what is d/f between frame & chasses

Audi, CLG,

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What is mean by VDi engine?

Maruti Udyog,

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inclination of fuel injector into cylinder


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The land rover 110 defender stop because someone put water/kerosene in a fuel system,what can I do in order the to run again...

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i have chines vehicle Grand Tiger now its AC compressor become jam what should i do i have not found new in market


face to face first interview for the post of service engineer to question

Ashok Leyland, TATA,


12,6,4 & 3 cylinder engine, fuel firing order & torque capacity

Ashok Leyland,

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What direction of rotation in crank? why not it rotate opposite direction?

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what is alignment?


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PPAP - VDA full form

Kyungshin Industrial Motherson Ltd, Tenneco,

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What is a “proximity probe” used to measure?

Mobius, Tech Mahindra,


What is overflow and how it's happen

Tata Motors,


What is CX and DX mean or abbreviation for JCB Backhoe Loaders ? I know they are models 3CX is used in Europe and 3DX is used in India but I am looking for the full form of those abbreviations - Thanks

MGB Motors,


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Un-Answered Questions { Automobile Engineering }

What is pitching in the suspension system?


The function of Differential is a) To prevent wheel skidding b) To reduce the speed of the inner wheels during turning c) To keep the speed of all the wheels same when going straight ahead d) all of the above


What are your favourite subjects in your graduation and why?


Where is fan located in car?


What are three methods of heat transfer?


Interlocking mechanism is provided in the gear box cover a) To prevent engagement of two gears simultaneously b) To prevent engagement of reverse gear c) To facilitate the gear selection d) To avoid the necessity of having neutral gear


What is sae? Mention the importance of sae to the automobile domain.


Differentiate between two stroke engines four stroke engines.


engine rotation


If a diesel engine is running at 2500 RPM, How much would be RPM of turbocharger?


Explain terminal engine meltdown?


What is pan hard rod or track bar?


The resistance to the vehicle motion whose magnitude various with the square of the vehicle speed is a) Resistance due to gradient b) Resistance due to road c) Resistance due to the tyre friction d) Resistance due to wind


Define Octane number and Cetane number


In a constant mesh gear box, when the right dog clutch is engaged with the gear on the right side of the main shaft, a) Direct gear is obtained b) First gear is obtained c) Second gear is obtained d) Reverse gear is obtained