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Mobius Interview Questions
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How to swap two variables, without using third variable ?

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HSBC Written test and technical interview

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1.How to maintain the Bug status Report? 2.What is project based Company and product based company?

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wht is diff. between customer service and tele marketing????

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Testing methodology and when do you start testing activity?


What is a “proximity probe” used to measure?


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My client is a Partnership Firm and was converted in to the Pvt. Company. Now, the Question is that the both the entity i.e. Partnership Firm and Company entitled to get the Depreciation of Proportionarate basis, they used the Assets? I reffered to the Income TAx Act, there is no any specification regarding the convertion only the amalagamation and merger.


how do you round the addition or subtraction of two numbers in assembler? what does the following code do? change process tool(code changes from dev to prd) the changes made to your code should be effected in live. How the process takes place. That is how can you move the code changes from development to production?


What are the types of Ports?


Please tell me details about Sox,Nox,SWAS analyser????


What is practical frequency. ? How create a frequency band?


What is the difference between r/3 and crm ?


What is R?


What is management of job postings?


Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and checks if the InnoDB plug-in is installed on it. If so, your program should print the maximum number of concurrent threads that the InnoDB plug-in can create


what is the difference between oracle 8i vs 9i


Highlight the need for Performance Tuning.


How to handle if you have to create a store by extending a hybris default base store then what common functionality will be in both?


How do you create a use case diagram in UML?


What changes does a control need to run in the Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition?


In what cases (circumstances)we should apply P controller, PD controller, PI controller & PID controller ?