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General Physics Interview Questions
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Why are summer hotter than winters ?

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Why are the mountains colder than the plains ?

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Why does a tennis ball bounce higher in Simla than it does in Culcutta?

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How will you make the clock go fast ?

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Why do the front wheels of a motor car usually lean outwards ?

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Why does fountain pen filler drew up ink ?

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How is soda in a glass sucked up with the help of a straw ?

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Why does railway carriage in motion not leave the rails ?

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If a number of planes are talking off form an aircraft carrier, what is the minimum interval required between the take-off of the successive planes ?

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Why is flywheel used in motor cars ?

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Why is a jet of water curved on coming out of a horizontal nozzle ?

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Why does a thick glass tumbler break, when ice is put in it ?

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Why are the steam pipes and hot water pipes used for heating rooms, not fixed to the walls firmly at both ends ?

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Why are the girders on the railway bridges fixed at one end only?

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Why does a piece of ice make drink colder?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

Explain what is the heterogenous?


What sound waves travel from air to water the frequency remains?


When a person whirls a rock on the end of a string and maintains it in uniform circular motion, the force exerted on the rock is most accurately referred to as?


For measuring weight of 2cm3 piece of density 4gm/cm3 which spring balance is best suited what is the range and least count how we calculate


What is the formula of velocity?


the resolutions of a michelson interferometer operating with a light source of 640nm wavelenth is A.1280nm B.640nm C.80 nm D.1nm


What is a thermal transformation?


How is specific gravity defined?


What is frequency of sound in air?


What is the order the following from the worst electrical conductor to the best electrical conductor: glass, rubber, iron, dry wood:


I’ve heard that in quantum physics a lot of fancy mathematical objects like hilbert spaces are used, and that in particular, measurable quantities are described by self-adjoint operators. Are these things related to what you have just explained? : quantum physics


What is neutral buoyancy?


the fundamental forces of nature are most correctly given as?


What is the difference between isolation transformers and step up or step down transformer?


What is fluorescence?