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General Physics Interview Questions
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What is Absolute humidity ?

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What is the Condensation ?

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What is centigrade thermometer ?

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What is Fahrenheit thermometer ?

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What is Vaporization ?

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What is Metals ?

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What is non metals ?

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What is Alloy ?

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What is Amalgam ?

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What is a Compound ?

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What is Convex lens ?

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What is Concave lens ?

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What is Force ?

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What is Pressure ?

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What is Heat ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

A solar collection has been installed to heat water. A large water tank has a volume of 5.0 x 105 cm3. The area of the solar collectors is 8m2. (2 meters by 3 meters). If the water in the tank starts out with a temperature of 30°C in the morning, what is its temperature in the evening after the sun has set?


Draw a graph between frequency of photon and velocity of photo electron?


Does sunlight reflected off a mirror increase the temperature of the sun-rays?


Give one advantage of a scanning electron microscope over a transmission electron microscope?


What is photometry?


Difference between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors?


What large machine, which came on line in the summer of 2000 at the department of energys brookhaven national lab, is the world's highest energy ion collider:


Explain what is the difference between diffraction and interference?


Tell me why ship doesnt sink sea?


For two objects separated by a distance d, if the mass of one of the objects is doubled, what will happen to the gravitational attraction between them?


The following character string is to be transmitted: ABADADAD i. Derive the Huffman and Dynamic Huffman tree codes ii. Determine the savings in transmission bandwidth for both over normal ASCII coding.Write down the actual transmitted bit patterns corresponding to both


What is neutral buoyancy?


Advantage of fixed pulley?


How much does sea salt weigh per cubic foot?


Explain what is the ray of light?