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General Physics Interview Questions
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Why are cloudy nights usually warmer than clear ones?

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Why are the days and nights equal at the Equator throughout the year?.

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Why ate the telegraph wires kept a little loose ?

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Why is one?s breath visible in cold, but not in not in hot weather ?

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Why is water in kept in ?gharas? in summer ?

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A burn from steam is more painful than that from boiling water. Why ?

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Why is ice wrapped in gunny bags ?


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How dies fanning produce a sense of coolness to the face ?

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Why in cold countries, the water at the surface freezes and in the inner portion it is in the sate of water ?

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When a string is placed on a slab of ice, the string passes through it.Why ?

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Why is it possible to see the face through a glass, ehen it is polished from on side ?

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Why is battery used in a motor car ?

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Why is the temperature of the body regulated by the skin ?

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Why ate the air passengers requested to see that their fountains pen Are not completely filled ?

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Why are prisms used in binoculars ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

Tell me when taken to the top of a mountain, a clock will go fast or go slow or no change or stop?


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Tell me how are amps and watts related?


What is dispension of light?


What is reflection of light?


What would happen if a disk one light second in circumference were to spin at 60 rpm?


Explain real image?


If a plane is in the air and there is a fly flying inside the plane does the plane get heavier when the fly lands?


how help physics in bank


Up to how much weight can be rounded off while weighing a bakery item in a bakery?


State 'law of machines'?


what is momentum?


A color made from the addition of two primary colors is called:


When gravity is the only force acting on an object the object is in what?


How does the elevation and air pressure affect the boiling point of water?